it'll be my birthday present (12.18), I hope.
what a fabulous idea. gwen said it was going to be awesome (she didn't reveal any details), she's so right! (still really wish you'd come teach for us in person though :) would love to have you a part of the wine and laughter at our art party)

This looks fabulous! I'm so looking forward to this fun for the winter. I'll be finishing up a couple of my own travel journals while living vicariously through you on your journey. Gwen, Celeste & I might have to make a party of it once or twice. What would be more fun than hanging out with friends while doing the class?

I am sooo excited! I have been waiting for this class ever since you first told us about it. I loved the ROD class and was totally thrilled with the FTB class. I have 11 signatures started. I am going to start binding my everyday journal tomorrow with 5 signatures, and I am going make a pocket for my little Sunday journal to go in that journal. Thank you so much!

I'm in... I will be traveling in Belgium when registration opens but I will find a way to jump in. SOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to it. When do you travel exactly? Or is that to stay a secret? Yippee!!!! New video's, new printables, new things. I am uber exited. Which means a lot! I want to go out in my robe and dance on the street right now. Now we have the 15 december to count to. Friggin Whoopie...

I forgot to tell you that I Leeeeuuuuuvvve the icon as well. I have put a button on my home page! Yippppppeeeeeeeee..... And in January we will be in the American South West for 3 weeks... Your Venice travel class will be implemented in my States 2013 book! The new year starts promising!

Since I don't think I'll get to take my winter trip this year, I am looking forward to this. Plus, this will be my first class with you-very exciting.

Whoo hoo, looks totally awesome. MA, I think you have truly crafted the perfect online class for your incredible talents with this one! Only 34 more sleeps until we set sail in our armchairs for Venice, I can't wait!!

This is going to be awesome Mary Ann. Can´t wait. How exciting is this.. :-)

Sounds totally, absolutely awesome - out of the ballpark! So excited!

So exciting! I love your classes and have been waiting for this one! Can't wait to tag along on your Venice adventure!

awwwww thanks everyone! i woke up this morning to your ringing sounds of enthusiasm.
much appreciated.

You are brilliant, can't wait for the adventure!

Want to sign up ASAP. Just got back from Paris & Belgium!! Venice is definitely on my future travel plans!!

You ROCK Mary Ann! This is going to be an early Bday gift to myself. I am so excited, a journey, a journal, getting to join you side by side on a trip to Venice. OMG. Over the weekend I found a couple of vintage postcards from Venice. I couldn't believe my eyes. I've begun to pack my bags, loaded them with all my favorites, walkin' shoes; stand ready, waders too, just in case :) and I'll be standing outside your door till registration begins. I don't think I will make it to Dec. 15th. I'm gonna burst!

the smell of my cafecito and dreaming of venice with you... a delicious dreamy dream come true. mary, you are magnifico!

Even though I've been there and am living in Italy right now, I'll be signing up for this class just because all the other classes I've taken with you were excellent and because I enjoy you so much in general! I'm sure you know this, but your visual journaling style is so completely different from everyone else's, while many other people somewhat resemble each other. I'm not saying I don't love a lot of their work too, but you are the Lone Ranger!

You're such a delight! Blogs come and go, but yours, well, it's my ultimate favorite!!! Looking forward to joining you on this virtual adventure. There is no going to Venice with 3 kiddos, but following you along is gonna be AWESOME!
Can't wait!

Merry Christmas to me! I'm taking a virtual trip to Venice.

this is SO exciting! i've never been to venice, so i am really looking forward to our travels.
can't wait to sign up!!

Yeah, a trip with you. Fun, adventure, a new travel journal what more could I ask for. Oh yeah, I would like to be with you in person, this will have to suffice. Can't wait.

wow this is a must! As a financially strapped Brit, anywhere in Europe in person at the moment is out of the question. This is totally the next best thing, maybe even better as taking this trip with you and loads of other like minded folk will be more fun and I will get to see more stuff than I would alone. Thanks MA.

This sounds great

Can not wait! Although I hope for your sake the waters recede a little.

I pulled out my sturdy shoes. And my travel journal traveling kit. Placed the ticket order.

Ready to GO!!

You had me at "qualitatively" ... excitment abounds!

WooHoo - we are all going to Venice for Christmas!!!

This will make me finish my current journal. I want to sign up now!

Happy to be wading in again eyes wide open. It will be such a treat to revisit this grand place with your fresh and detailed eyes! Can't wait.

Grabbing my walking shoes and packing my bag ASAP. Can't wait for our trip. Thanks for letting me tag along.

This looks ah-maaaazing! I audibly squealed with joy when I saw the binding you'll be teaching this time around. Can't wait to sign up!

Can't wait for the adventure to begin! This is an early Christmas present to myself; thank you again for the opportunity to travel along with you, Mary Ann!

My heart is so full from reading about your class - I looked at this page so many times today, reading it all over again, it just makes me so happy! There was so many phrases that I loved: "from our own little fortress on the internet", and "that it become filled with people who love to travel,people who are afraid to travel and people who can’t travel" - brilliant. And very kind of you to donate money to Red Cross, as you have done before. You are a giving person, and the world is better for it. Now to count down the minutes till Sunday - I want to give you my money!!!

Oh my goodness I can't wait!!! I just got back from taking the train to seattle with my hubby and haven't done a travel journal about it yet - this will be perfect!!! Yeayyyyy!!!!!

St. Marks' Square with you? The Doges Palace with you? Venice hand blown glass, Murano glass, glass of every kind you can imagine with you? Italian pastry with you? Gondola rides with you? (make sure he can sing, but then what Italian can't sing). Hopping on and off water taxi's with you? The Bridge of Sighs with YOU? Wandering aimlessly through Venice with you? YOU BET MA. Can't wait. xoDonna

woo hoo! this is one Venice trip I can afford to go on ... One day I really will.

Yippee!!!!! So excited, and it is PERFECT because I am going to Venice in September, 2013...I will have a book all ready to go with me! and it will be a blast to do this with Tina and Celeste! As soon as I finish my new blog/website, I will grab your button to go on my site, too!!

Looks amazing Mary Ann. Can't wait.

Open, open, OPEN! We can't wait. Who I am kidding! "I" can't wait damnit!

Good stuff Mary Ann! Another thing to look forward to over the holiday season and into the new year. As my niece would say, I am super stoked!

Wow, I am hoping I can join. I am just travelling homr from Turkey. A few days before departure I learned I have been terminated from my job because of a firm merger and redunency. I took my ROD journal and had everyone in my group sign it. I had so much fun. And I told everyone about your classes. Venice would be a great finish. I guess I had better do another type of travel Job hunting!

OMG, is this the perfect brew of MAM-ness or what?! You have outdone yourself this time, young lady! Can't wait!!!

I've been to Venice three times in the last 5 years (in January and February) and would LOVE to go again with you. Venice is everything you imagine plus a 1000% more. However I am a traveler and will be in India for all of December..... will this be like your previous classes that I could access afterwards, even though the travel with Mary Ann part would be missing?

cara, yes it will! everything will be there for a long long long time. including the
"travel with mary ann part" That part will already have occured, but the travel posts, videos, and postcards will still be there for you to partake in :-))

OMG!! I can't wait. It will be so awesome to see videos from Venice! Now I don't have to reenact the conversations from the photos you have posted your blog.. you and your sister chatting while catching buses, losing sunglasses, having coffee, buying paper....oh wait, is that weird???? Doesn't everyone do that? :) Beth

Merry Christmas to me! Fun!!

Oh this looks like fun - I adore venice....

Going to Venice for Christmas...a dream come true!! I can't think of anyone I'd rather travel with than you. Sooo excited for this class to start, I just can't sit still! I'm already going though my paper stash in my mind right now. Thank you for sharing so much of your life and talent with us.

Although I have no plans to travel right now, I've plenty of photos, notes, and ephemera from past trips. I especially want to put all the stuff from my visits back home to England in some sort of order, and now I have the motivation to begin this project - I'm counting the days!

I can't wait, sooooo excited.
Thank you for the new class.

I am excited for this class. I spent 2 weeks in Italy, from Sept. 16th to the 28th. I have saved everything so I can put my travel book together during this class. It will be so much fun.

Packing my bags now! I've always wanted to go to Venice. Thank you for inviting me along!

Halp!! I don't see any Buy Now button on the class page. Am I getting wonkier than I thought I was?

Oh delight! This is a great class to take even if I don't make one page of a travel journal! Just your style, design process, bookbinding techniques, journal pages, ephemera, worth just sitting & watching the videos to see you create! I have watched so many FTB videos just for the sheer pleasure of watching you create! Thank you for taking on this huge project of sharing your creative process through your journey to Italy! I can't imagine the hours upon hours of work behind the scenes that goes into this & all of your classes! Can't wait! Safe travels Mary Ann & thanks again for taking us along with you!

Yeah! Another class! I can't wait to begin! I love how you allow us the opportunity to watch your videos over and over and I don't have to panic that the material will be removed by a certain date. You offer a wealth of knowledge and ideas and I appreciate being able to learn from you. Thanks again for offering another online class.

Wow two easy payments. Will you list also where you buy your supplies!
I am excited. Ill use all my lively venice pictures and make it an italy travel book. Since we will be going to germany sometime this coming year, ill get a start on that one too!!
Bless you. Count me in!

Yipee...I'm along for the trip.

So excited about taking another class from you. This is going to be great fun. Thanks for dividing the payment. That is a big help this time of year. Can hardly wait to start.

Mary Ann,

I can't wait for your class... Is it time yet? Well, is it? It should be.... It's waaaaaay harder than waiting for Santa!!!

Mary Ann,
Am soooo excited for this class, I love Venice and can't wait to go back with you over the holidays.
A question/suggestion
In your class information you mention that you will use Flickr and set up a yahoo group BUT I was wondering if you might consider using instagram as well and set up a hashtag, for example, #TripToVenice? Just a thought for you to think about.
You are the best and the class sounds spectacular. I get more compliments on my ROD journal than any others I have created. (I am the one who took it to Greece and Ali Edwards saw it)
One last comment, I recently visited WDW and found an old 1950's Snow White Golden Book, which I repurposed into my journal, stitching pages inside the cover. It is very sweet...

One Ticket to Venice, please.
And I won't even get my wheels wet!
Hurrrrray, we're all going on our holy-days soooooon.

Wow, this sounds like this is going to be soooooo much fun! Can't wait to get going.

oh, i wanna join the ride too. just recently visited sorrento/italy and it was a wonderful place to visit. ill go back many, many times (and even more times if i win the lottery,lol).

Signed up and ready to go. now should I take wellies, my cuddle duds and that Christmas jacket made 20 years ago that makes me look like a Christmas tree?

This is so cool, Mary Ann! Can't wait to see all the amazingness you have cooked up! xo

I'm in, mary Ann!

Thank you for another wonderful class! I am counting the days until we can get started!!!

I signed up and am happily reading all your Yahoo posts!

I'd be ever so grateful if someone could instruct me how to add a "Ticket to Venice" badge to my blog (Blogger). I know it wasn't difficult once upon a time, because I added a couple in the past, before Blogger made all their changes. Well it wasn't difficult then, but I haven't been able to add a Mary Ann's badge at all since the changes.
Thanks in advance.

The only thing better would be travelling with you!

SO excited! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

Please......of course I trust you!! oxox

I would like to sign up for class, but don't quite see how. Nothing happens clicking on "buy now". Can you help? We just got back from Venice two weeks ago, and this really sounds like fun!

I'm excited for you because you get to go to Venice, and excited for ME because I get to go with you! (Can we go shopping for beautiful papers again? That was really fun.)

"The power and wonder of travel" indeed! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.

I was in Venice in 2003 and it remains one of my very favorite places. Bring your wading boots though as they have been deluged with rain lately!

What a fabulous idea! I have been to Italy twice (including Venice) and maybe, just maybe, I will actually finish my travel journals along with you. Love this!

Don't leave without me! These old bones can actually see Venice without any pain! And I know you, MA - you will find all the good stuff and be so generous in sharing it. xo

Thanks for taking us along on your adventure! Can't wait to see Venice through your eyes.

Just signed up; I'm sooo anxious to re-visit Venice through your eyes!

Oops, almost missed the plane! Looking forward to our holiday travels.

I just have one question: can the journal be any size? I don't really like the small ones that I have seen in joggles. Would an 8 x 10 be alright?
It sounds very exciting, I am just not sure yet what to use to make the actual book. Lol. I am a total beginner.
TY for your help.

Sabrina the travel journal can be any size you want

Sent from my iPad

Hi. You're probably not around right now, but I was signing up and I realized that the paypal account I use is Cathie's. I don't have one. Therefore, if there is automated class information it won't go to my email. Is this something you will be sending separately after my payment? Once I get it from her account will I be able to sign in from my email?

I guess even if it's sent automatically you can override it? I'm kind of a big dork when it comes to paypal, so I'm just being ultra cautious. i don't want to have to experience the entire class through a different email address than my own.

I'll just live dangerously and sign up. You'll get notice that snakebite1051 at yahoo dot com has purchased the class, but it's not for her, it's for me, parabolicmuse at gmail dot com.

Oh, sure. I'm high-maintenance already.

my husband inadvertently deleted important information from our email account. I believe it was the password that I need to access the class. Could you please resend it? Can't wait to join you overseas and I do want my virtual postcards.

Please dismiss my recent request about a deleted email as I've retrieved it. No need to resend information as I am good to go. thanks-Melora

Hi Mary Ann--just paid for the class, got my user id and password, signed up for postcards, but I don't find anything about registering for the class. Is there something I'm missing that I need to do? Thanks. Very excited about participating.

So fabulously awesome, can't wait . I have been to Venice a couple of times but never in the winter. I expect foggy , moody and dreamy scenes ,like you have walked into the past . I'm so excited for you!

I'm loving this class! Where is the badge code? I want to add it to my blog and link back to your blog b/c it's awesome!!

Am I too late to join the trip? How long your vid will be removed after end of your trip?

On your blog you posted:
To have the daily digital postcard series delivered straight to your inbox every day of our Venice trip, you’ll need to be registered and signed up for the mailing list no later than December 16, 2012.
How will that work for those who sign up now?

jordanna the postcards will be available (all of them at once) in a printable PDF format beginning on Jan. 1st. in the PDF section of the class blog

Just signed up and I'm so excited to journey with you. I leave for Portugal in a month so can't wait to get started preparing my journal.
Still think you should let us come with you for real :), but until then I will enjoy the visit via the www.

Ignore the last comment! Figured out the problem! xo

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