Hi Mary Ann,

I have just viewed all of the videos in FTB and want to say THANK YOU soooo much.I love my ROD journal and have kept that style going with several journals, including my Spain travel journal. However, after watching the various bindings, I look forward to using different methods.

More importantly, I love watching you journal and hearing your thought process about how you approach pages. I struggle with visual journaling (much preferring the process of creating the book than filling it). However, after watching your videos, I have more ideas about how to approach visual journaling. I keep a written journal (ala morning pages) and don't need to "work through things" in my visual journal. That was my big "aha" moment this week as I viewed the videos. I use visual journaling to document life and do enjoy that, sort of scrappy journaling. However, I now want to explore "just playing" with paper and tape and images and whatever. I love that your pages contain "non-related elements" ... yet they seem to work together.

Anyway ... thank you for this class. I really enjoy your teaching style (and you know how critical teachers are of other teachers).

Hi Mary Ann, I'm having a blast taking your class Full Tilt Boogie, only one and a half years late! I initially thought the class had started in June of this year, but I was wrong! Anyhow I wanted to post a comment there but got a message that my session had expired - probably my goofy internet connection, so I just wanted to say that I'm so glad you said what you did about writing in your visual journal, because I've always really disliked and resisted doing it, but somehow felt I should. You have given me permission to just glue and paint! Yay! So much more fun.

Mary Ann - Your classes are AMAZING. I love everything. You make me feel like I can do anything! I will be doing nothing now but making my own journals - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart.

And boogie I did! I recently purchased FTB and zipped my way through it. Just have to say how much I loved your ideas and energy. I am an experienced book binder, not one of those that's precise and picky, but I still know my way around a book.

Boogie set me free! I became obsessive about this book I made and had a hard time coming up for air until it felt just so. And it does! Thanks for reminding me to let go and play, it will change what I do next.

Just wanted to drop you a note to praise you – AGAIN! – for how much your “Full Tilt Boogie” class has, literally, changed my life! I opened my Etsy store one year ago tomorrow because I had made so many journals they were taking over the house. Now I have a thriving side business, am doing my first juried indie craft fair this coming December.

Anyway, none of this would have been possible without you, and I’ll always be grateful for the way you selflessly share your talents and in such a fabulously entertaining and enriching way. Every time I get a convo asking me if I have tutorials or asking for hints on how to make my books, I send the person a link to your website and encourage them to take your class. (I know at least one lady was anxiously waiting for her husband’s next paycheck so she could sign up!) I could never repay you for everything you’ve done for me, but hope to send more eager students to your site in the future – and of course I will be first in line to take your next wonderful class, whatever it may be!*

*No pressure! (No. Really. Take your time…I’ll be totally fine! ::SIGH::)

Lisa Mallette

Hi Mary Ann,

I just want to write and say thank you for FTB.  It's like I have a friend in my studio with me whenever I play the videos.  You changed how I feel about my visual journals: before I was trying to please some invisible non-existent critic, now I P-L-A-Y and do what comes to mind.  Free and like a child (tho I can't remember what it's like to be a child, I'm trying to pretend!)  It takes practice to let go.  

One of my favorite parts is when you are painting the argyles in week 4 and before you even said anything I could tell you were going all blissful, I could see it in your hands and almost FELT it through the laptop screen.  You inspire me.

Though it took a ton of work to make that class, please know that it was worth it, you have touched my life.  Thank you for being yourself, you are fantastic!

Many, many thanks.

Aimee in Arizona 


Hi Mary Ann,
Thank you so very much for the amazing classes. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking both the Remains of the Day, and the Full Tilt Boogie classes. I made a travel journal for a trip to Aruba, using my so cool ROD journal. I love it!!! I will never look at a window envelope the same way again.
And FTB! I love love love your creativity and your videos, and your "whatever" comments to put everyone totally at ease to let the creativity flow. You make me feel like an artist, and I really like the outcome of what I have done so far, following your guidance and inspiration.
You have a great sense of humor, and your excitement is contagious when I watch your videos. I hope your elementary school students appreciate what a gem of a teacher they have. Clearly, all of your on-line students certainly do.
By the way, I laughed so hard that I had tears coming down when I watched the video in FTB where you used your sister's photograph in the flower shirt.
Great videos; fabulously creative ideas; wonderful teaching and communication methods; beautiful music and scenery….it's all there. And I am sad to see that I have finished FTB, but so glad that I can view all of the videos over and over as needed/wanted.
Thanks for your generosity in sharing so much great information and inspiration. I look forward to signing up for any upcoming classes you decide to offer.

Hi Mary Ann,
I'm sitting here realizing that your FTB videos makes me so happy! I swear I watch them over and over. I haven't even gotten through all of them, but I replay the ones I have because they are so fun and inspiring! I just love the videos and I've been cranking away at theses journals and I'm just so darn thankful for you!
I've literally laughed out loud at your ramblings on the FTB videos and I'm just so happy that someone can relate to the joys of paper, tapes, glues, and pens like I do! We're an odd bunch to the "rest of the world" I think, so it's refreshing to relate!
Thank you so much for the fun class... and be sure that I will be the first in line for the next online class you offer!

Hi Mary Ann,

I've been trying to collect my thoughts and figure out how to get them into an email to you. I can't find the right words to express my thoughts except to say simply "thank you". You see, I have felt lost over the last 2 years, life's events have drug me down, stomped on me and bascially spit me out. I was in need of a reason, a purpose to move forward. I have been following your blog for some time and ROD and FTB started a spark that hadn't been there in a while. Extra cash not being plentiful, I saved my dollars and finally, finally could take FTB! It did not disappoint!

I have been on a marathon viewing event and loving Every. Single. Minute!!! I'm excited to come home from work and start watching the next video. I have made a couple of practice books and can't wait to start on the real thing! You have changed my life, enhanced it, brightened it and I will forever be grateful. I'm saving for ROD now and can't wait to take that class also.

Thank you.

Your forever craft monkey....


Mary Ann Moss has done it again. Judging by her Paris journal--which has haunted me these many months--I knew this class would be amazing. What I didn't realize is that she shares not one, but four (or is it five?) binding styles, AND a bonus journal at the end. Don't have a vintage photo album? No problem! Use a book cover, or create your own from the ground up. There's no limit to the fabulous journals that can be created.

In addition there are a wealth of journaling tips and photo ideas. For me, the beauty of the Remains of the Day, and now FTB, journals is in the personalizing. The ordinary, every day takes on a glamour that can't be beat. MY photographs and MY writing (something I've been reluctant to do in the past, btw) presented in this neat little package will enchant me for years to come.

Mary Ann..your class has been pure magic. We are going through a major renovation and the house is in chaos. I am dealing with builders madness and mayhem so have not been able to start any of the journals yet. But to be able to get online to your class most days and watch the videos has been such sweet distraction from the ugliness around me. It has saved my sanity. Don't listen to those who tell you that that is a lost cause-they lie!
The colours, music, creativity,inspiration and the kitties have been amazing. Thank you for being such a sharing and inspiring teacher. Can't wait for the next class.

MaryAnn Moss is that teacher of mythic proportion from which urban legends are spun. Everyone one of us taking her glorious classes want to be just like her. Some desire her amazing sense of humor; some her immeasurable artistic talent; and others, like me, aspire to be as generous with our hearts as she is. MAM's classes are a life experience you should not go without -- click the "Buy Now" button and join the fan club.

I am currently enrolled in Full-Tilt Boogie and I'm having the time of my life! So far I have made 5 completely different journals in the class and I LOVE each one of them! Mary Ann's style is so encouraging - she makes you feel like you can do it no problem! Not only have we been learning different binding styles, Mary Ann also shares alot of her thoughts and processes for working in her visual journals, which is so INSPIRING!!!

P.S. I also took the Remains of the Day class and LOVED that one too! The two classes are VERY DIFFERENT from one another, and I highly recommend them both!!!

Yeah, what they said! Seriously, this is the best on-line class I've ever taken. Mary Ann is the perfect teacher. She doesn't leave anything out, but she doesn't waste time on "fluff," either. (Unless it comes from a fiesty cat!) You really feel like you're right there in the room; that she's talking directly to you, making sure you "get it" and that she wants nothing more than for you to be successful. (Do we ALL feel like the teacher's pet? I know I do! Clearly I'M her favorite, I don't care what all the rest of y'all say!)

I force myself to watch only one or two videos at a time so that I'll have more to look forward to down the road. Even at that, I've ended up making six journals so far (really? in two weeks?!) and there's still so much more to come!

Bottom line, Mary Ann could announce a "super secret mystery class," post nothing but a list of supplies and a "sign up now" button and I would be on that button in a heartbeat with no hestitation whatsoever. (Actually, how fun would that be?! Do it, Mary Ann, do it!)

Full Tilt Boogie is by far the best online art class I have taken. Ever! (And I've taken quite a few.) I know I will be making visual journals with the bookbinding skills I learned from Mary Ann over and over for years to come. I've never seen these methods elsewhere and they are so beautiful and surprisingly easy to accomplish. The class forums are active and the journal peeks are inspirational.

I took Remains of the Day, which is also incredible, so I came back for more. I'm so glad I took this class! And I will definitely sign up for Mary Ann's future classes. The one downside of the course is that it ever has to end!

Mary Ann Moss classes are fabulous and you need to do both of these (I also took the stencilry class and loved that too)

I don't think I can add anything original to previous reviews, but just DO IT! It is super fun, easy to understand and you'll have some laughs too. PS - The Remains of the Day is an awesome class as well

I have taken both Remains of the Day and Full Tilt Boogie classes and Mary Ann's classes are top notch. Lots of videos, great active forums and Mary Ann has such a fun and informative way of presenting her classes. You'll learn a lot and laugh along the way.

I have taken all of Mary Ann's classes each one is different and filled with new and wonderful ideas. The videos and PDF's that are given to you are all you need to complete the journals, having a forum is just icing on the cake. I love the fact that you can and are encouaged to subsitute what you have in your stash to make the journals without going out to buy more products.
Of all the classes I have taken on line Mary Ann's rank at the very top.

Full Tilt Boogie is the second class I've taken with Mary Ann. I took the Remains Of the Day class last year, and got more out of that one class than many, many other classes combined. I was going to write "the greatest thing about Mary Ann's classes is...." but realized that there are tons of "greatest things", so I'll just list some of the things she does that rocks my world:

1. We all learn differently, and sometimes, we learn differently on different days. Some days I need to watch someone doing something, other days, I need to see it in print, with or without photos. Some days I need to be told, other days I learn by quietly practicing by myself. Mary Ann has structured an online learning environment that teaches to all types of learners, without being repetitive or redundant!

2. Mary Ann gives precise directions, and at the same time, encourages experimentation, making it possible to achieve quality results that are uniquely yours!

3. Mary Ann is very clear on which rules can be broken, and which rules must be followed so that what you're making ends up the way you want and expect it to be.

4. What Mary Ann teaches will help with any artwork you do. I've found myself mentally referring to a Mary Ann lesson when doing artwork that was completely different from FTB and ROD. You take away things you can use in many different areas of your work.

5. She's just fun! And serious! Which makes her seriously FUN!

6. Her .pdf files contain enough information on their own so that you could do the entire class without videos and get the same, awesome results. This is really helpful. I've taken classes where the one detail I needed to complete a project was only in a video that no longer existed. That won't happen here. If the video goes away, everything you need, everything, is in the .pdf

7. Mary Ann is all caught up in having serious fun with art, with producing quality that you will love and that will last, but is not persnickety and phony and elite about it. And she's all caught up in sharing your work! That's it. She's not out to become a *brand*, she's not registering trademarks and copyrights and telling you that now that you've made something in her class, you need her permission to exist. Just the opposite. Mary Ann encourages you to use what you make, show it to others and let them drool over it too, and she'll even help you promote it if you want to sell it. That, my friends, is a teacher! She cares about her students and not only wants them to excel, she's driven to help them excel, even after they leave the classroom!

8. If for whatever reason, you can't take the class exactly as it's outlined -- for instance, I couldn't get an antique journal for FTB -- Mary Ann encourages you to use what you have and helps you adapt, not just to make do, but adapt in the true spirit of creativity!

9. Too many more to mention, so I'll close with two of my favorites: She loves cats and cocktails! What could be better?

10. OK, one more. You get so much more than you pay for. Really. You come away with more than a set of instructions, but also a better sense of how to do things in general. That stays with you forever, and you can't put a price tag on that.

This is my first on-line class - I've perused several over the past year or so but picked Mary Ann's class and am so glad I did. I love the idea of multiple videos that can be viewed again and again along with the pdf print instructions. I will be out of town a lot this summer so haven't been able to keep up but reading the on-line group comments and seeing other's pictures have also been enjoyable and helpful. Love Mary Ann's style!

I have taken all of Mary Ann's on line classes and absolutely love all of them. In my opinion, she does the best job of doing classes on line over anyone else and I have taken quite a few.

I want to say that the Remains of the Day class which is AWESOME is completely different than Full Tilt Boogie.

The FTB class is jammed full of PDFs, tons of videos, a wonderful Yahoo group and a lot of assistance from Mary Ann. I can't believe how much information, techniques, and guidance she is giving all of us. And beyond all of that, she keeps the class open for a long time too so you are just not limited to the four weeks.

I highly recommend Full Tilt Boogie and the other classes too.

And what is really neat, you can combine some of the techniques from one class to the other and vice versa.

I too have taken all of Mary Ann's classes and each one is so different and full of knowledge and just plain excitement for me!! The techniques and all are explained so well, that any beginner can do these with practice!! Her bookbinding techniques in FTB are fabulous and so fun to do!! You can't go wrong with any of Mary Ann's class they are all exceptional and truly fun to do and learn from! She is a master at what she does and teaches it well! I love all her classes!

I took the Remains Of The Day Class and learned so many great techniques of how to make wonderful and creative journals. The Full Bilt boogie Class is like a graduate class made easy. The stitching techniques I learned are allowing me to take any book cover I have and make it into a journal. I can make my own book covers out of anything and now figure out how to construct a book. using many different stitches. I would never have attempted these bookbinding techniques and stitches Mary Ann but you made them fun and easy to learn with your video's and your pdf handouts.

Wow, so happy I took this class. I use the books/journals I make as scrapbook albums for myself and 8 grandchildren. Out of all the classes I have taken on line your classes are the most professional with the best teaching video's, you sure can tell your an organized creative teacher who loves her students no matter their age and abilities. Peggy McDevitt

LOVE this class as it's full of great handouts, fantastic videos, and Mary Ann's laugh out loud sense of humor. She is a master teacher and I look forward to sitting in her next class.

Full Tilt Boogie is the 2nd class I've take from Mary Ann and it does not disappoint!!! Her how to videos are clear and easy to follow and she does everything with a sense of humor. The 1st class I took with her was the Remains of the Day class and FTB is completely new material. You will LOVE this class!

This is the second class i have taken from Mary Ann. I love her style! Remains of the Day and Full Tilt Boogie are the two best classes I have taken so far!!!! I will take new classes from her as soon as she has them!!!!! Keep them coming!

Mary Ann Moss' classes are pure joy. Her creativity and sense of humor will have you anticipating every video. The organization and thoroughness with which she creates her classes are remarkable. I've taken both Remains of the Day and Full Tilt Boogie and have loved them both. Both are jam-packed with information, ideas and inspiration. Enormous bang for the buck. Among my favorite classes ever... live or online. Whatever Mary Ann is teaching, I'm taking!

Mary Ann's classes are absolutely the best on-line class I have ever taken. Mary Ann puts so much into her classes. There are plenty of videos with step-by-step instructions as well as PDF files. Mary Ann's classes are an experience you don't want to miss.

I've done all of Mary Ann's classes and she just totally rocks. I went totally crazy for the ROD journals and anxiously awaited the Full Tilt Boogie classes. Wow! She never fails to impress, make me laugh, and in general give me (and so many others) good advice and an incredible amount of knowledge. I've never felt so creatively stimulated as when I'm doin' the Mary Ann Shuffle! She puts so many to shame...I hope she NEVER stops teaching online.

So far I have done ALL of Mary-Ann's courses, and they are all stuffed full of creative goodness. The Remains of the Day course concentrates on making journal covers and pages and on journaling itself; it uses fairly simple binding techniques. The Full-Tilt Boogie uses mostly recycled covers and teaches some really lovely binding techniques, not overly complicated to do, but which look truly professional. And because Mary-Ann can't resist giving MORE than she promises, there are also quite a few videos on journaling, teaching different techniques and approaches to those shown earlier. One of the best courses I've found anywhere.

I took Mary Ann's "Remains of the Day" class and I had a FABULOUS time! I created so many journals based on that class they have their own shelf in my craft room. What I learned from that class was amazing and the inspiration from Mary Ann and the others in the class was astounding!

To be honest, I was truly on the fence about taking the "Full Tilt Boogie" class because I wasn't sure how much more Mary Ann could possibly teach about the way she creates her journals. I thought that maybe it would be the same types of things, slightly changed so I pondered taking the class for about a week. In the end, I couldn't bring myself to miss out on anything Mary Ann has to offer so I signed up.

We are now in week 3 and I find myself sitting in front of my computer, refreshing and waiting impatiently for the next videos and PDF's to be uploaded. I am learning SO MUCH more than I could have imagined I would. The stitches in this class are amazing and the style opens up so many more options to creating wonderful, unique journals.

I can't thank Mary Ann enough! I can truly say that I won't ever miss out on a class from Mary Ann. If you're on the fence, jump off onto the side with the "Full Tilt Boogie" in progress.... you won't be sorry!

So if you've been on the fence about doin' the Full Tilt Boogie, well jump
off and get ready for a super, amazing, enjoyable ride. Get out your paper,
some glue, and maybe an old book you'd like to bring to life and you will be
set. You will be amazed at how much Mary Ann has jam packed into this class.
In a matter of a few days you will be creating journals with the most
amazing bindings. I am a graduate from Mary Ann's Remains of the Day class
and rest assured, the 2 classes are completely different. The bindings that
are taught are gorgeous and can be used and adapted to create a variety of
journals from vintage photo albums, old ledgers, old books, big books, small
books, fabric covered journals (if you've taken Remains of the Day) and if
you are really creative you will come up with your own twist on what a
journal can be created from. There is no limit to the different journals you
can make from the insight Mary Ann shares in this class. And the best part
is this, Mary Ann teaches with an ease and playful spirit that allows anyone
to learn. This is the kind of class you can relax into and KNOW you will
come out with a whole stack of journals under your arm. You will not only
make one journal you will want to make journals every day. Mary Ann also
allows you peeks over her shoulder as she works in her own journals that
will inspire you to not only create journals but bring them to life with
your own entries.
And you get to be a part of a great group of nurturing folks, the journals
being created and shared have been boogie woogie mind blowing. I highly
recommend this class. Once you enter the front doors you won't want to

I am a graduate of ROD and loved every minute of it. I am now in the full swing of FTB. The classes are different but, what I love, is that FTB builds on ROD. You just learn more that you can incorporate into your journals. These classes are spectacular and certainly add sophistication to any artists repertoire. I am going to take the stencilry class as soon as I get FTB under my belt. Awesome awesome class and equally awesome instructor.

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