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Can't wait! Your work is fabulous and very inspiring!!!

Ack!!! Can't. WAIT!!! Big stack of old albums and books sitting on my art table...I am waiting for the perfect one to wink at me from it's place in the tower to let me know he's first in line for the Full Tilt Boogie treatment.

I am very excited about this workshop!!! I have a few vintage albums that I haven't had the urge to do anything with.. Who knew? I need to Full Tilt Boogie with them!!! I really appreciate your flexible format Mary Ann as it always takes me a long long time to complete a book (a slow motion boogie). I am going to France for five weeks in early July and am currently making two ROD travel journals to take with me. So I will finish them up for the trip and jump aboard this new book adventure but probably not start mine until I return. I'll go hunting and gathering in Paris and I will be going to the St. Pierre fabric market and a few fleas inspired by your fabulous wanders. I like lots of time to dream and imagine and catch some creative waves. You are a wild overflowing fountain of creativity!! Keep drumming up these fabulous inspirational ideas, Generous One!!!

Talented and very generous. The Red Cross is near and dear to me(giving blood today at work, how weird)... so I applaud you for this act of kindness and greatness. Yes, greatness. I am so excited to take my fourth (wow... I can not believe I have taken them all by now) class with you. You have helped me stop being critical of my own work... and for being such a type A personality when doing journals. Thank you Mary Ann for letting us come along on this ride with you.

I get paid Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I will be here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't Wait!!!!!!!! Thanx Mary Ann

Greetings Moss Cottage, Hey you its finally here but do not know how to cut and paste well i do with glue and sissors but not withy computer:)Help. How is your day going Miss full tilt? Busy it sems.
Take care,
Always XOXO,

i think it is really wonderful of you to donate money from your class to the Red Cross. Thank you for thinking of that.
(and I am looking forward to taking a class from you.)

Sooo excited about this class!!! I bought my vintage photo albums months ago.... it's finally time!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeee!!! Thanks for being our fearless leader Mary Ann :)

i am So excited about your new class! I am spending much time this summer in a cottage on Lake TV, no distractions (unfortunately no internet, but there is a library and McDonald's close by)....just time for art projects like FTB!!

I don't yet have a vintage photo album. But will come up with something worthy.
Bring it ON!!!!

So excited...doing the FTB happy dance ;)


i'm super excited!! great way to start the summer!! :)

Looking forward to doing this course - was recently given a batch of old 78rpm record albums, which I hope I can adapt for this course, and have several interesting old books around which need a new life.

wow, donating to the Red Cross, I am impressed and in awe of your giving so much. I couldn't decide if I should wait to take this due to money ( can pay but shouldn't take this right now) . Well now I am, your thoughtfulness in donating money is making me do this, yeah. Peggy

I'm actually counting the hours until I can register...

I am sooo excited about your new class!!!! And sooo happy that you are donating to the Red Cross -- WONDERFUL!!!
By the way, I love the new picture of yourself when you were little, at the top of the page!!!

Mary Ann, to sign up for your class, is it necessary to use PayPal, or can it be paid with just a credit card?
Thanks for all you have done to put on this class!
I am sooo excited!!

Bless you for donating money to the Red Cross. Very generous of you.

So amazing, I can't wait for the class to start!

CC - I am not personally set up here to take credit cards, but maybe you can do that at the Paypal site...? Not sure about that.

This is so cool and exciting, Mary Ann! I cannot stop thinking about the possibilities for this class. Yesterday I found one vintage photo album—yea!—but is it OK that it’s almost falling apart? That is, will we be rescuing it and reviving it for our art journaling needs?

I"m so ready for this class. I've had an old 100 year old photograph album from an estate sale for 20 years that I've held onto and now can use. Very excited!!

Greeting Moss Cottage, Hoping your ist day of class is exciting :)
Have a great day,my dear,

So excited to begin!

OMG! Hello!!!!!!! YAY. WOW so excited to find your class in time to join in now!!! yayyyyy

You are a really inspiring woman, Mary Ann and if finanaces allowed I'd take both ROD and FTB - as my BBF, Barbara Hagerty sings your praises and she's VERY picky!! Best of luck to your students - I know they'll enjoy their workshop.
Making that donation to the Red Cross is wonderful - I take my hat off to you.

I want to take this class!!!! I subscribe to your blog now so I hope I won´t miss the start up date of the next round of you have a list somewhere in all that paper on your desk where you write down names of us who beg to be a part of the the next round....if you do...PLEASE enter my name and email so I don´t miss the next start up date. If you don´t ,,,,make one up and put my name at the top...........enough said.................

hello dear women!

registration is ongoing. new craft monkeys are registering each week. you can sign up RIGHT THIS INSTANT by clicking the buy now button above.

see you in class :-)))

Huzzah! Let the wild rumpus begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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