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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I love too much in this post to comment! It's all just so wonderful! I'm heading for my kraft paper stash as soon as I post this comment!

p.s. Las Casuelas Nueva and Las Casuelas on the strip were favorites of mine when P.S. weekends were a every couple of months deal for me. Loved seeing the card in your journal!

I love how you show us the in progress and the not-polished that goes into your art journal as well - and I say that in the most enthusiastic of huzzah ways. I was just discussing with a friend this week how the idea of 'art journaling' has become its own art form where people seem to produce finished works of art in their journals. And that's become 'the standard' and it makes one feel like if it isn't a finished piece then its somehow 'not doing it right.' My friend has even put art journaling on a hiatus that's lasted over a year as a result of feeling like if she's not doing completed 'works of Art with a capital A' then it's wrong. Really - it IS supposed to be very loose and a place to play, literally. Not sure if this rambling is making the point that it's supposed to...i just really like that you keep it real.

loving this calendar idea. love all the fun you had at your b-day retreat. (welcome to the 50's!) love the sketches. maybe i'll sketch my pooches tonight, they're weirdos.

Look no further than your ole pal Domenico; I have a ton of "weirdo" photos.

Undoubtedly the bra is actually with my panties---somewhere in the ether between Palm Springs and the Big Island.

Not sayin', don't ask....

The best part is that she actually cut the underwire out! Yeah Sister!! :) Can't wait to see your sketches.

I just love how you've captured the character in those sketches! "Paint, Cut, Paste", what a way to live - and with that delicious fluorescent pink yet! I remember wearing lipstick that color in a different life!

always too much fun going on here! i love it!! xo
(those sketches are awesome!)

Love that awesome big journal calendar ya got goin' on. Pages that can handle an onslaught of whatever gets thrown at em. NOw your're talking This post had me laughing and grinnin' and I love the 'sketch of the week' thanks for the smiles.

That's why I carry a huge purse/rutsack, so I can stash my bra if the pressing need arises. Also, I don't own any spanx, but I like a little once in awhile;)

Don't give up your day jobs ... (well ... to late for you MAM),... I think you might get a job at The Age in Melbourne while Michael Lunig is on holiday. There is something haunting about your sketches. :o) xodonna

been there, done that (re: bra) LOL

Ha! Laughed out loud at the "not to scale" on your sketch! Lots to love here! :D

Love these. The people sketches have a Lynda Barry vibe to me (which I mean only as a big compliment!!)

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