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Thursday, December 06, 2012


How beautifully paired, the little film and the poem. I sometimes get that "curious feeling that everything is beautiful". I call them my ecstatic moments.

Always enjoy visiting you MaryAnn for I never know just when you will enchant me with a special offering such as this. I have heard of Bukowski but never read him....never been patient enough with poetry, but I will have to check him out. Would be nice to have a video and Paul G's amazing readings to assist me. Make up my failure of imagination. sigh.

I enjoyed this a lot, and it'll send me off to search for more, thanks. It reminds me a little of Jack Kerouac, though I'm not comparing.

Love the little film, thanks for sharing.

mesmerizing. *sigh* thank you for sharing.

I loved this, every little thing... even the aluminum pie pan, but I have to ask (because: 1. I am an idiot. 2. They don't teach this at my school), how is this a poem?

Delightful video! And speaking of delights, is it the 15th yet? I can't wait for your class to start!

Hello sweet girlie! Happy holidays to you! What a very delightful way to spend the evening in the dark! You are my kind of gal! How the heck are you!?

Love that so much. Thank you for sharing. I'm not familiar with Bukowski - but I can tell you now, I will be.

lovely. meditative. serene. thanks.

Charles Bukowski and diners...heaven. From the time I was a little girl I've LOVED diners. Still do. On vacations my favorite part would be to have my Mom, Dad and siblings all in a booth, in a diner, while traveling on the road. Thankyou for starting my busy day off with such a beautiful piece accompanied by my own beautiful memories! By the way...for those wanting to know the voice, it is Paul Giamatti, the marvelous character actor. In the movie Sideways (he starred in it) he spoke of Charles Bukowski.


Loved that. Thanks for sharing and now I must buy some Bukowski. Too bad that guy can't read it to me. Somehow, I don't think the voice in my head can match the complexity of his.

Beautiful! I'd never heard of Charles Bukowski. Immediately logged into the public library and put a few things on hold. I think the magic might really lie in the scenes, the music and the voice combined with the poem. It'll be fun to find out. Thanks for the lead. :)

Ahhh...western North Carolina, land of Andy Griffith, Aunt Bea and Mayberry, I live nearby. Sweet little piece, but marred for me by one visual detail. I'm not trying to be a stickler or a spoilsport, but a disposable aluminum pie plate? Really? If the setting is a fuzzy, distant past, the pies would have been baked on premises in a reusable dish.

That lapse was a visual red flag of anachronism for me and the camera returned for a second peek(where granted the dish was less obvious). Funny what draws our attention.

Just lovely.

nice way to fall asleep. last night watcge The best marigold hotel. a kindly movie.

ahhh...my brother is a HUGE Charles Bukowski fan- I will need to forward this on to him...thank you!
Enjoy your weekend, xo

How simply beautiful

Magic Mary Ann!!! Pure and sweet magic. The video reminded me very much of a scene from Mad Men, one of those scenes that feel out of place amid the story line but reveals something deeply significant about one of the characters. Something that knowing it changes your perception of the character, the story beneath the story. Thanks for sharing this gem with us. Sweet Dreams.

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