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Saturday, December 08, 2012


Thank you for the link to Rachel Donadio's article. Definitely the stuff of daydreams. Can't wait for this adventure to begin!

Okay, it's now Tuesday evening and that means only three more get ups for you! Enjoy your journey across the world and into a new adventure!

I love the photos and all your thoughts and comments however..........how exciting that you have cover mention and are featured in Art Journaling magazine!!!!!! Congratulations!!! MUCH DESERVED!!!!

Happy last week of school, brave girl! I am all packed and ready for Venice, so excited.

Susie has such a lovely way of describing things - I wanted to say what she said, but don't have the words.

fog is so amazing, putting a soft, cozy edge on everything. Like being in the middle of living dream. Fog is lovely. It makes the world feel smaller and closer. I'm counting down the days to our trip, happy to be among all these fast becoming new friends on the journey. I think this must be the very best way to travel and so happy happy happy you are taking us along for the ride. Gonna be the best Christmas ever!!!!!!!!Not to mention a very Happy New Year. A toast to one and all.

lovely words and pictures. and the wintery colorful nails... bring warm joyous smiles. wishing you a merry rainbow week.

Oh my gosh, so many luscious photos today! I love the mysterious photo of Moss Cottage hiding among the fog, just magical. You have a beautiful, foggy view from the kitchen window with all the pretties upon the window sill. I would want to stand there and gaze outside all morning long. Girrrrrrrrl, you rock those blue nails like nobody else! I am so sad I am unable to take your class, but I am so excited to hear all about it! I hope you have a safe and spectacular adventure!

love the photos

great nails mine need no chewing they just tear off like paper.

I have little china birds on the sill over my sink,too.:) Now I'll think of you when I see them.Looking forward to your journey with us.

I'm excited for you that you only have one week left of teaching and all the drama that goes with it. You must be simply giddy. I'm SO happy for you!!

Very pretty colorful nails. I've been relishing the hush, the fog and the quiet. Yesterday a hawk landed on the top of a street lamp near our driveway. Delicious to just share its quiet time in the sun. A quiet restful moment the way your photos feel to me. Thanks so much for sharing the article that inspired your trip to Venice. Feeling the excitement........

I was just smitten with the beautiful photo of the cottage in the mist, and the birdbath, and most of all, those little china critters on your shelf. I give my orchid baths in the sink too - glad to know somebody else does that! Happy and glorious over here in the travel lounge.

Awsome nails MAM! Way to go! xoDonna

I´m excited too about your trip Mary Ann - can´t wait to hear how Venice is at this time of year.

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