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Saturday, December 01, 2012


hi MaryAnn......I too love the Little Paris Kitchen. Do you know that is is soon going to TV here in the US on either the FoodNetwork or the Cooking Channel.
thought you might like to know. :)

I should know by now not to follow your links... I should know by now that wherever they lead will cost me precious study time, but every single time I place my little cursor on just the right spot and left click only to find myself lost in whatever wonderful place you have steered me to. She, Miss Khoo, is enchanting, so much so that I almost forget how yucky salmon eggs sound and look.

Thanks for the introduction to French cousine the easy way. I think that even i can follow those directions and I knew all the ingredients!!

Oh good grief now you have me hooked on Little Paris Kitchen. I have been watching for over an hour. She is delightful and the food ...well what can I say but heavenly. it has been a dark rainy day so your post brightened my day entirely. Thanks

Unfortunately I'm egg intolerant, but I love the looks of Paris Kitchen. Guess ill just have to be inspired by that boeuf bourginon instead!

Happy Advent and december! Beautiful photo, very far away from here where it's all white after a day of snowing. :-)

You introduce us to the most delightful things, Mary Ann. I even rented "Bread and Tulips" last night from iTunes - went to bed at 3 a.m., because I intended "just a peek" before watching it today! Well I can watch it again today with an egg in my English rose teacup.

Just watched all the videos. I love the soundtrack and all the shots of the rooftops, reminds me of the view from our 6th floor apartment in Paris. I do hope you are getting me her cookbook for Christmas. Hint hint.

I don't know how long it takes to get from SD to LA but I am glad there is a Moss sister within driving distance. How fun that must be for you to see her more often! I'm sure your egg cups were wonderful...they sounded most delicious!! BTW, I finally got signed up for TTV and needless to say, CANNOT WAIT! And I am so happy for you...only 10 more days of enduring ADHD/ODD purgatory. I do feel sympathy for the sweet kids that will miss out on the unique experience of you but you are right, they will be fine with your replacement. And you...you will FLY!!!

I want to go on a little adventure now and find two lovely cups. I can see why it was so fun to take the time to watch each and every delightful episode. The color of your rose is as scrumptious as that recipe. Did you make the eggs in pots?

Dogonit... Just when I had decided to try to loose some extra weight... They showed little paris kitchen on BBC here! Lovely series isn't it? Shows how blogging can change your and other people's life.
At this point in my life I am dreaming MAM... Books, things to do in books, more books. Mary Ann you created a nut book case...

I am one post late BUT may I say, MA, that CUDDLY and GORGEOUS is how you look in your all-black outfit. Who wouldn't want to say hi to such a vision?

I discovered Little Paris Kitchen a few months ago and did the same thing - sat down and watched every single episode. Delightful.

I've heard about all the rain in the pacific NW the past few days and good to know you are, fine as well as high and dry. That rose is a beauty. I was thinking about making my favorite holiday delight creme brulee; normally I reserve it for Bit T day and Christmas but after reading about eggs n creme fraiche and nutmeg..I'm just not gonna wait for 12/25, I'm gonna whip up a batch...sounds like the right thing to do right about now. YUM!

You're such an enabler, Mary Ann, and I thank you for that! The Little Paris Kitchen videos went from undiscovered to the top of my list today, thanks to you! And I won't be merely watching them. I'll be cooking and cooking and cooking! Enjoy your eggs! XOXO

thank you for turning me on to the little paris kitchen videos, deliciously delightful! They will tide me over until I see what we will be eating in Venice.

Good heavens, where are my teacups? That looks delicious!!

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