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Friday, December 14, 2012


Buon viaggio, carissima! I guess you are already here in Italy, probably arrived this morning.
I feel guilty that I raved on about taking another class from you, and then have not signed up yet. Sometimes I procrastinate, sometimes I get sidetracked, sometimes I get back on track.
Ciao for now and enjoy yourself!

Serisoulsy, I think this is the most exciting part, your planting your footsies smack dab into the canal (just kidding) and knowing you've arrived, that is when I believe the real fun will begin, all the trampling around and slow, easy walks, and floating on the Grand Canal. Oh yes indeed the best is yet to come. Have a splendid journey and that pleasant, long awaited nap.

Bon voyage!

howdy violet cadburry bunny!

those are hambly transparencies..i mention them in the supplies post on the class blog...

I am happily whipping together my TTV journal with one hand while sipping a Bellini with the other. Wonderful videos! Betcha I can do that triple diamond with no practice:) I am curious where you got the transparencies you use for pockets....is that something you can print?

Glad I read this...as I had not signed up for my postcards...but I just did so hopefully not too late:(

Ok. Just signed up for the class. Received the confirmation from Pay Pal. I can't print out the download until Monday, (no printer at home). Is that where the password is?


I remain at the stage where the iPad is used for silly stuff and I use the PC for blogs and classes as it is hooked up to the printer. I just went back through everything for the class and seem to have missed a few posts, including the yahoo group, just signed up for the yahoo group. Also have many problems with the video well Vimeo. they sent a message that they had a problem. Unfortunately could not get your badge onto my blog. perhaps it is not my day!!!

Monica, you can put your password into a NOTE on iPad. Only you will know what TTV is...unless one of your fellow travelers steals your iPad. However, we are not That Sort, you know.

I started doing this when I had to enter my looong library accnt # on the iPad. My iMack knows it...

I printed it out and pinned to the wall rather than add to my 2 page list that shocked them at Apple, Apple iPad seems to be always asking for a password.

Looking forwards to this class.

It sounds like the beginning of another amazing adventure MaryAnn...but even longer than all the others! Wishing you a most delightful and joyful Venetian experience.

Whew! Made it in just under the wire. Ticket purchased. Postcard registration complete. Damn glad I didn't miss the trip.

ha ha ha ha ha ha cynthia. i see your point. what i meant to say is:

if you see this blog post, read the TTV yahoo group email of mine and then DONT get anything even though you are signed up for the postcard list...then you should contact me.

Oh crap! I just tried signing up (twice) for the daily postcards, and didn't get a confirmation e-mail. I guess I'm lost in the dark. I didn't read e-mail yesterday, and got my days mixed up, thought today was the day, but guess the last day was yesterday. Oh dear oh dear.. Aything I can do now?

The nice thing about traveling Premium Economy is that after a couple of trips that way you have enough miles/points to bump up an Economy seat into Premium Economy and hardly notice the little bit of difference in price (at least with Virgin anyway). And you will be surprised what those couple of inches do -- to me it is well worth it now that I am older and well, a little wider.

@ Jacki Long - if you still have the email you received from Mary Ann when you signed up, you can click on the link and get the password info (you can do this up to 5 times before the link expires, I think I've done it about 3 so far because, like you, I printed stuff out and then forgot the password!

@ Mary Ann - I had to laugh at the test email this morning that says "I only want to hear from the people that didn't get this email", because how do you know you didn't get an email if you don't get it? ;)

So excited class starts today, I'm going to grab my bowl of cereal and start watching videos!

One Ambien, a sleep mask, and instructions of "No dinner, thank you." will get you enough sleep to hit the road...or rather canal waves with aplomb. Cya along the way!

Some of the adrenaline rush is happening to me, vicariously!

You took a leave of absence? I didn't know! Good on you! Enjoy freedom!

A premium economy seat! Who knew. I'm totally amazed you have pulled this entire hist off by yourself. It's a coup! I'm attempting to organize one small Christmas Party for 20 and every ten minutes I feel like the only thing that will pull me through is another champagne cocktail. So here's to you Mary Ann - you have done it - brought it all together with what appears to be like such ease and grace! Perhaps a small journal on this topic would be of interest to generations of the future - or a book on multi tasking right this minute would in all likelihood be an instant best seller! Sleep well in your cereal bowl my sweet. xoDonna

I really dread to write this, but I can't find or remember my password. I have paid a while ago and already printed the pdf's then and set everything a side, but like the 71 year old that I am, I can't find the password. I don't want to spoil the start of your trip, but am writing just in case there is an easy fix? If not, I can wait 8 months. I am very patient. ;o)

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