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Saturday, November 24, 2012


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you freaking kill me! ha!

"Fashion fades; only style remains the same." (coco chanel). I think you've found your style groove: an ensemble which can move seamlessly(no pun intended) from Paris to Norway to Venice clearly transcends the ordinary!!!!


I can't wait to find out whether your sister will deign to be seen with you. :)

I think I have to agree with Tara. You are hilarious!

you are tooooo cute!

Too sexy fo' yo shorts! Too sexy fo' flipflops! Too sexy fo' suntans! Too sexy! Too sexy!! Too sexy!!!
(I think those are the lyrics...)

Stylin'! :D

Oh, you're so darned cute I can hardly breathe!!
Love the layers.

You crack me up Mary Ann!!!!!!! Seriously. so here in MN we look like that most of the time, especially when those cold north winds begin to bellow and blow.

reads post ... leaves room giggling. xoDonna

Laughing my head off, what a fun post. At least you will be warm and that is important. Can't wit to go.

Love how you find joy and fun during your day and share it with us. Reminds me to do just that. Thanks you Ms Fashionista Panda

and on your feet?

Michael Kors quote "Wear black and drink white." Two scarves and you're set. She who is warm and dry has the last laugh...

You are hilarious!

Hey, what about galoshes or wellies or rubber boots?

Bwaaahahahahahahahaaaa...... Wish I could see you panda-ing around in Venice. A turtle neck seems a very solid idea! We have gotten a bit of a cold snap in Western Europe, on top of a lot of water, so be prepared! You are crazy, but good crazy. I love you.

Ms. Incognito - perfect outfit, nobdoy will suspect your are the world famous MAM, intrepidly scouting out new places to die for and commiting them to memory in arty travel journals. It's not rambling, it's MAMbling:) Off to dig out an old black turtleneck and my white glasses so I can look the part too.

You are way too funny.....that is one of the many reasons I love you and your classes. Congrats on your leave of absence and I hope it leads to great new adventures for you.

I'M. WITH. TARA. Peed my pants. Seriously. Had to take a moment and clean myself up. But if I did bump into you in Venice, you would recognize me, Frosty, because I'd have the bright red nose. Just say back, Hey Rudolf!

Gloves!!!!! and cute scarf......

Add some bling and you could be Mac Mary McMoss.

Who knew you had street cred!

No pants, or boots, or underwear???? Oh wait - that part of you will be under water anyways! You crack me up.

Best "What I'm Wearing" Post Ever! EPIC!

This? Is freaking AWESOME. And I might add the PERFECT antidote to all those "What I Wore" posts by 20-something bloggers. I love it so much!

Have you encountered a child pointing to you and saying: "Look Ma, its Kung Fu Panda?" Have you ever thought of doing standup comedy? You are freaking awesome, Mary Ann!!! Can you hear me guffawing? Maria

I say Gangnam style. Can you do the dance?!

"You have nothing to declare, except your genius!" (with permission from Oscar Wilde) Chic, warm, and witty as hell - that's my girl!

hehehehehe...thank you. Seriously. Thank. You.

LMAO! Love Violet's coined word - "MAMbling"

I think Elton John and Frosty the Snowman just had a baby!! Too funny.......

Awesomely FUNNY!!!!

Gangham Style is definitely the soundtrack to this post, which is the best 'what i'm wearing post' EVER!!

Oh my gosh - that is the best laugh I've had today. Kung Fu Panda - bless.

In all seriousness though - while you might look kinda funny on the outside, you will be roasty toasty on the inside. It will be you who has the last laugh :)

Hahahaha. You'll be a fashion plate over there.

You are a fashionista and will set a new style. Now all you need are Mukluks to finish the look. If you can't find any in LA (ha, ha) just let me know and I'll send a pair to you licky split.

you look mmmaaaarvelous!

You will be toasty and the toast of Venezia. (I MUST find one of those hats for myself. Any hints?...)

Ti farai notare sicuramente in Italia con il tuo look! Ti serve anche un paio di stivaloni...a Venezia l'acqua รจ alta!
Baci dall'Italia...ti aspettiamo!!

You are adorably funny! By the way I have been making ROD journals and actually sold a couple. Whoopeeeeee!I love the one I made for me and will send photos as I fill it.

Had to come back, because "raincoat" and "Frosty the snowman hat" put me in the best mood!

Love! so excited....I think I might be getting a ticket to go with you in the next couple of days :-)

You are so stinkin cute!! Can't wait for posts about your trip and your very exciting adventures for the next 8 months. I'll be stuck with 7th graders till the middle of June, so make me proud and do something amazing with your time! :)

It would be worth the trip to Venice to find you! Looks like the perfect combo for a comfortable and warm trip!

Rockin it!

I can't wait for the Venice class! I'm going to Florence in February but don't think I'll be as stylish as you!

You are so funny! I am sure the Italians will love your style

hilarious!! :D

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