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Wednesday, November 07, 2012


I could be mistaken -- but I'm pretty sure that tiled rooftop was used in the Heath Ledger version of "Casanova" ... I am catching up after being away for three weeks, but you may have discussed this already -- but did you see the record water levels in Venice in the news? My hubby asked me why would I want to go there when its flooded, and I blithely said: that happens every year (if not this high) and I want to see the city before it drowns...

50 was a piece of cake. 60 really hurt my ego. Now I am a little old lady traveller. We are in 'Cappidocia', Turkey right now. It is really something. It was too foggy for us to take the balloon ride. I was very sad because I was really looking forward to it. I have my ROD ttravel journal with me and I am having fun collecting things for it. I have taken over 2000 photos. So don't fret Mary. It is what it is...

I've had a 50 year old memory for 6 years now, and I think it's improving.

I want a Venice apartment!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU. I always check in here whenever i hit a slump. You always inspire me and I come away wanting to create. I now need to go and list some things on ebay so I can justify the purchase of your FTB class, I have been wanting to for so long I have all the supplies!!
p.s. I went to Venice for my 40th Bday & had the best time ever came away with thousands of photos.
p.p.s I used to a Moss!!!

Oh Mary Ann - You are so darn GOOD at blogging. You now have those fab squares at the bottom of each post drawing us into older posts. I'm impressed.

Ah Venezia! I spent 3 soak-to-the-skin wet days there a couple of Novembers ago. It was still wonderfully enchanting. I look forward to getting back from Germany-->Budapest and traveling again with you. We are, surprisingly, doing leaf peeping over here now!

Mary Ann, I'm a January birthday also ... and I FINALLY purchased the FTB class. I'm looking forward to your instruction and furthering my love of making journals.

What a great idea to "dress" your ballot! Hey, maybe that should be an art installation: an entire wall of hand decorated election ballots defining the uniqueness of Americans. Mine would probably have chocolate smears, beautiful papers, pretty ribbons and sketches in fine point black marker all over it. Have a lovely w/e (I know how you LOVE your weekends!).

I am just loving all these comments today! Looks like there are a lot of January 50th birthdays! How fun is that you all found each other here, I think that is so neat! I especially loved reading that 50 is the new 30! And all you girls in your 70s.....rock on!!!! And I agree, Joan, what would we do without iphone alerts! It is like having a personal assistant! Maryann, wowza what a view from the lovely Venice abode! I think you should pursue your next career as a reality TV star showcasing all your amazing travels whilst art journaling along the way. Is there anything like that in the reality TV world? I think not! The Travel Channel needs you. Seriously.

Ahhhhh, a room with a view.

Mary Ann, I'm turning 50 too in January!! Mine is the 26th. I feel like I am just getting warmed up. I agree with Joan, 50 is the new 30. Can't wait for Venice, I was there last year so I'll be reliving it while you are living it. Venice is a magical place. I'm sure for the holiday season it will be spectacular. My voting sticker fell off under my car and I ran over it, does that count? I also frequently lose my glasses on my head. I know that counts.

Dementia at 50? No way. I had my 73rd birthday in June. C'mon, you're a baby! 50 is the new 30, so that makes me 53, right. I occasionally wonder what I wanted to do in a certain room, I've forgotten where I was headed when I pulled out of the driveway, I don't remember to do a lot of things without entering dates and times into my iPhone with alerts...what would I do without that iPhone? But I thank goodness and all the universe for every day I wake up on the top side of the grass..

When is your departure for Venice? Sister going with you or are you flying solo on this trip?

I never saw a parrot at a polling place, but I saw a couple taking their macaw for a walk in the park. The macaw was wearing a leash to one foot. He was bigger than my dog.
Have a super time in Venice, that looks like a sweet apartment. Enjoy the balcony while you're journaling....

Drooling seems to be a common theme after looking at those gorgeous pictures of Venice and since I literally had to wipe up the slobber..... well, enough said on that subject!! I am ready to leave for Venice NOW. You are going to have the mostest, awesomest time...I can just tell!! So am I.

I am with all of the above. I told my cat MS. Midnight that we shall be going to Venice with you, via the armchair. She started smacking her lips. Where there's water the must be seafood. LOL

Those views from your venice appartment are awesome Mary Ann - I hope it won´t be too cold when you´re there.
Have never been to Venice before - on my 'most visit' list though.
I´ve turned to big 50 this year - I would lie if I told it got better... LOL

I don't know that I've ever been so excited to watch somebody else go on a trip!

Oh, I'm getting so excited for another arm-chair travel with you, Mary Ann! Your apartment looks wonderful and when on your balcony, you might be serenaded by those gorgeous gondola gentlemen! Lovely Venice, with so many sights to see, yummy food, great walks with so many bridges. Can't wait to see all those glorious moments you always capture. And I am so looking forward to your next class!
P.S. Isn't 50 the new 39?

I had no idea you will turn 50, I thought you were a lot younger. Wished I could go with you to Venice and do a reshoot of the things I shot in 2005. The fish market on early morning... Strolling around the Jewish Getto once more and actually visit the museum there... Gazing at Titian in the Frari Church. I am drooling all the way. I am SOOOO glad that we will be able to travel a little with you from our lazy chair!

I turn 50 in January as well! Those papers are gorgeous and the Venetian views are drool worthy.Does drooling count! Probably not as socially acceptable I guess. :)

Delicious! Drooling. xoDonna

Your hideaway is divine Mary Ann. It's the bomb for sure. You know just how to do it, find the perfect,secret, special place, the kind that feels good, reminds you of home but has all the charm and right stuff to allow yourself to be surrounded by the true essence of a place. I'm going to go grab my floaty, big 'ole, inflatable tube, and plop myself in it, strap on my wings and will be floating in one of those channels, patiently waiting your arrival. You will easily spot me as I will be wearing blaze orange life jacket so as not to be mistaken for one of the boats or worse, a buoy. :)Honestly I am so excited for you. I bet you are counting the days.

i am soooo jealous i can't even say anything! Venice is my dream.....it is so wonderful that you are actually getting go there!

This is the first time in my recollection that you've shown your Venice hideaway. Looking forward to your trip! I completed my vintage photo album journal last weekend. I don't think you read my blog regularly, so here's a link to the post ~ http://constancerosedesigns.blogspot.com/2012/11/color-journal.html

Oh gorgeous, i swear i sat on the bank opposite last year and sketched, i loved venice I wish we could justify going back sooner, so many places to visit and they are all so far away!

Well, I knew there was something special. e.w. here...January baby too, except, damn it all, I will be 71. Did you GET THAT? Get over 50. Try 70's with the mental age of 12. That's me. Love you, your wee swimming companion.
p.s. i am always absentee, in absentia (sp?, wondering while wandering.

I turned 70 in October. There is great freedom in being 70. Other people don't expect much of you but you can challenge yourself all you want. I am learning to paint and improving as I go. I even manage to string words into complete sentences from time to time. Fifty is a piece of cake!!

50 y o memory is even funnier.... I had mine since June. I think it was...
I got some sauce on my postal-vote paper today. First time for everything. Both sides of the pond.
Lovely Venician-ness. I almost wrote Venusian ness. Memory isn't the only thing: there's muddling words to look forward to, too...

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