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Sunday, November 04, 2012


I have to tell you that I went to your Istanbul HomeAway Rental link, and found a couple of terrific listings that we hope to use on our trip next February. We are going from Seattle to Istanbul, Dubai, Kunming (China), Bangkok/Cambodia, Hanoi, Hong Kong and Japan for about 30 days. Wish you had been to some of our other stops so I could use your very reliable and great places to stay. Thanks for all of the information you share on your travels!

You just keep on marching! Can't wait to hear about whatever secret you are keeping under wraps!

Best of luck on the work front... when you have to put in all those hours every day, it's a wonderful thing when you can be happy in it.

So glad to hear you have some good news on the work related stuff. That´s so good for you.
Love those pics from your worktable - always so inspiring.

I hope there will be dragons. "It is simply not an adventure if there are no dragons."

Whatever your new adventure is, I hope that it all goes well and as expected! Now, go work on that new class!

I am so happy for you that you already know the GOOD NEWS! It's hard to wait, as I'm sure you can tell from all these " can't wait " comments from your fans, but we are building our character by trying patience. And WAITING. Good news is worth waiting for. I have never taken one of your classes, Mary Ann; I am tempted!!!!! I hate to miss something wonderful, and clearly your classes are all that and more.

I can't wait for more details about your class! I've been to Venice several times (my sister-in-law is from a small town just south of there) and absolutely love it! I know you'll have a great time and we will get to travel there vicariously. :-)

Sounds like good news on the work related front! Glad to hear that! I am positively giddy over the Ticket to Venice class!! So happy to look forward to that this winter! When you go on a trip, I feel like I'm there too! You have such a lovely way with words and images!

I like that phrase "try not to be absorbed by the chaos". Good direction

OH cannot stand the suspense of the WORK RELATED NEWS for our favorite teacher-lady!
Cannot WAIT for the new class (already on my "to me from me" Christmas prezzie wish list).
and am officially in love with the name "Violet Cadburry" -- what an enchanting name - had to scroll up to find her in the comments because I thought for sure it was make believe! (as a a lifelong "Susan" you can imagine my fondness for cooler names than mine!)

Happy Monday, all!

The suspense builds on all fronts! You taunt us, you tease us, you drive us wild! I reach deep inside and pull up more patience -- the suspense makes me want to nervously nibble on chocolate! xoDonna

Hey Mary Ann! Check out the NY Times travel section. There's an article about solo traveling & the writer recommends Venice in the winter. Looking forward to the new class!

I...CAN...NOT...WAIT for your new class!!! Your class videos are the BEST, the funniest, the most informative...you are a natural born teacher and I will NEVER fail to take each and every one you offer. Now if only your school managers would pull their heads out of their butts and realize what a treasure they have in you. I hope lunch was great and that you share your news with us soon!

you lovely people make blogging so enjoyable. always enjoy hearing from everyone!!! violet cadburry - i am totally doing the navigating tips and pop-up volcanos. you always have the best ideas!!!

Mary Ann, the non-absorbent.I like it. Just keep letting it roll off and keep protecting the little goslings, Mother Goose. XOXOXO

the suspence is killing me Mary Ann...seriously...like being deprived of some vital nutrient substance...that WD stuff is awesome, powerful stuff and I know your motor will be purring and running smooth as silk before the night is up. I thought I heard a clank and a thunk earilier in the day...ya, ma Mary Ann Moss radar is up and I can hear almost everything..include those little wee, giggles about the news you are not ready to 'spill' just yet...me is thinkin' this is gonna be good for ya in more ways than one. So good thoughts are comin at ya from MN. I know you can hold down the fort for a wee bit more, after all you've got the cat posse on your side, not to mention a whole platoon of ready and willin' blog followers ready to flank ya from the front and the back, either way I'd say you are well covered from every direction. :)

Good to hear you have a plan in motion. And you are such a tease with journal peeks. I can't wait to see the journey unfold!

Sounds like good news on the work front. I sure hope so. What you have endured is above and beyond the call of duty. Sending good vibes your ways for the next week on the front line. I am so impatient for you to get your new class finished and posted. Can't wait to start my Fiji journal. Make sure you include crafty ways of navigating by boat between islands. Maybe a couple pop-out volcanos?????

I think that's beautiful that you're meeting up with a blog friend for lunch - lucky friend!

I am sure it is good rusty. Woohoo... I know that something is coming, something good. And nice to learn that you have made another bit of progress for it. I am totally dying to take a new class with you, even if I am still busy with your other classes.
You keep us all curious and on our toes!

I feel joy reading this post! So excited. For everything mentioned. Lunch with blogger friend, online class, secret work news, diffusing bombs! So exciting!

So excited that you seem to be excited! I can't wait to here about school. My mom taught 1st graders, so I can kinda imagine what you are talking about. I am even more excited about a new class! Thanks for the peek! I still watch the videos for both ROD and FTB, all the time and can't wait to have more to watch and inspire! Great things are coming!!!!

You're rusty:I'm in Germany eating a lot and giving my ankles and knees their first big walking exercise to see if I Need a new knee. I shall pray happy prayers for your future employment! I am also searching out marzipan filled chocolade. Mmmmmmm....it's expensive wunderbar!

yes, i just love meeting blog friends in "real life"! hope you had a great time.
and i am well beyond excited for the new class... i needed this to happen right about now!
best wishes for a easily-diffused Monday, xo

Happy Day. Can't wait to hear the news about the class and work, things could be looking up. Hang in there and keep your smile glued to your face when your in the classroom, kill them with kindness. Hope lunch went well.

I'm sure the videos will be just fine. And are those binding sketches I see? Glad there is good news coming from the school front. Looking forward to your news and the class. :)

I've met several friends from my blog - some here in New York City and some from as far away as Australia. It's a blessing. And some people whom I will never meet will always feel like dear friends due to the Internet. Looking forward to the class and your news!

Can't wait to hear about your work related news and more about the new class......so excited about another one of your wonderful classes. Have fun at lunch today.

Yay...another class..I love your classes..fun fun!

Keep on hanging in there. Sounda like youve had some good news about work. Can't wait to hear more!

Have a great lunch! Looking forward to this class, I think it's one I will splurge on! :-)

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