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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I agree with the sentiments of those of us far from Sandy's path - my heart and thoughts and prayers are with all of you on the east coast. May we all come together to help those who's lives have been altered by this natural, yet devastating, event.

Those waves... and the wind... were amazing! As we live in the burbs, I can only attest to the strength of the wind. Today is back to normal but for so many on the east, life changes are just beginning. Thanks for sharing the photos!

Your blog is always a place of light and hope, even in these dark days. Thank you.

Thanks, Mary Ann. We were hard hit here in coastal Connecticut. In addition to the tragedy of all the people who lost homes and businesses, some of our most ancient trees came down. We lost a famous 400-year-old oak in the next town. Still, none of this means anything when your loved ones are OK and I feel incredibly blessed that there have been so few lost to the storm. We are all appreciative of friends and relatives sending the love. It means a lot.

I feel very bad for the poor and middle class families who only have so much insurance. They will suffer the most... Weird and scary times!

Me too, I feel huge sympathy for the people of America. Be assured, we all feel so helpless over here. The ruined homes and lives, it doesn't bear thinking about. As someone said, it's like the aftermath of a war.

It is all so sad. We have family on the east coast and they are safe and sound but so many others are not, lost everything, the fire that took all those homes, the water and waves everywhere. We've been sort of keeping vigil since Sunday night, hoping that it might not turn as far inland. Thoughts and prayers are with all of them. And the snow, that is one thing we have been through, halloween blizzard of 91, we got hit hard, everything was closed, roads were impassable, power was out for weeks for many, just walking out the front door was an adventure. The pictures pretty much tell the story.

Can't sleep... it is absolutely devastating, and every hour the death toll gets worse.

I saw the pictures yesterday on TV on a News Channel and I really felt with you all in the US. Mary Ann, I hope you and your family are fine and that you don't have to suffer or have any kind of damages.
Greetings from Germany

The forces of nature. Puts us in our place does it not? Control truly is an illusion. Thinking of everyone in the path of the storm and hoping for the best possible outcomes. I feel so blessed at this moment, being safe here in my little home. Lucky girl I am. xoDonna

Thank you. We are in NYC and feeling lucky not to have suffered any damages in our building. I'm so sad for all the people who weren't so lucky.

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