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Sunday, October 07, 2012


I'm enjoying this new Glimpses series you're doing! Artist studio tours and travel combined - lovely - thank you. As a note, I really think you'd LOVE visiting the Netherlands too! I've been fortunate to spend about 10 days in Amsterdam over the course of a couple of visits (one in the depths of winter, and one in deepest summer) and it's an enchanting place. You just ride your bike around everywhere, and see so many photos that need to be taken (sketches that need to be made); yes, i rode my rental bike and photographed at the same time. Is that the equivalent of texting and driving? Probably a no-no, but at least I never wound up riding into a canal! They have a special barge that goes around the canals every week picking up bikes that have fallen in! Really, it's true - I saw it :-) Also the Dutch-Indonesian food (I think it's called Rijkstafel probably not spelled right) is divine!!

So inspiring! Thank you!

I've been telling you MAM you need to travel to The Netherlands!!! In spring and check out the tulips! :-)

I LOVE these posts!! I'm always fascinated to see how people in other parts of the world live - and to see their art studios makes it even more fun. I love everything about her home!! I'm going to go check out her blog now. Thanks for sharing this, Mary Ann!!

Loved this post and this series! What a charming home Bregtje has created. I love the cabinets she made with her own hands! Impressive! I will be sure to visit her blog. Looking forward to the next "Glimpse!"

LOVED this post! Wonderful to have 'glimpses' into the world of other creative people - feel like I am connecting with my tribe. Thank you for that. Isn't blog land such a gift? Don't have to search for others of 'like mind' - they are all here. Thanks for a wonderful blog, Mary Ann. xoDonna

What an inspiring place to live. Love the kitchen. Love the jars on the shelves but the Angeleno in me went straight to thoughts of earthquakes and the need for a lip or rails, lol

oh, what a treat! i feel like i just went on a vacation. i love the simplicity (no piles of JUNK) of her space. this is such a great series - i can't wait to see more.

Very, very cool. :)

As a teacher you should really put up a warning of some sort, something like:

Warning!!! The following post is for those who have no prior commitments and can afford to spend copious amounts of time perusing.
Domenico, this is for you. Go do your homework!

I'd appreciate it. My G.P.A. cannot take another hit.

Neither can my allowance.

Love these glimpses into the wonderful world of crafters. Look forward to travelling the world some more xx Michelle

Love the GLIMPSES! Seeing European spaces makes me think about how we take ours for granted and sometimes think we never have enough. I am determined to use mine more carefully and with greater appreciation. Thank you Mary Ann for all you share.

I love her kitchen/dining area. What a cool place.

Thank you, Mary Ann, for bringing us glimpses into these talented artist's homes! This is another sign that you are an inspiring teacher.

amazing! I love the cabinets and that wall of jars! Cozy is the best size for a house. Oh, how I miss having a back yard!!!! (i'm so crossing my fingers that the vinyard lady is my friend Jenn's place because its gorgeous and inspiring and she rocks)

This is an example of why I cannot live without your blog Mary Ann....so interesting and diverse. I just love it and thank you for bringing so many other lovlies like Bregtje and her amazing talents for all of us to share.

oooooooo loved the sweet peeks across the globe. What an adorable place to call home. And her art, her talent on the canvas and well as off....impressive to say the least...awesome and amazing and well...just wow!!!!!!

Hello Mary Ann ..... I just wanted you to know that I finished a book I made..using your instructions!! I posted about it on my blog here... http://sandrakayedesigns.blogspot.com/ I would love for you to come and take a look! Hugs

I love this idea of the Glimpses series and look forward to discovering new blogs from yours ~

Wow! I'm in awe. Beautiful garden and beautiful home! I can't decide which I'm more amazed by: those creamy cabinets or that paper flower! Wow!!! Thanks for sharing.

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