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Thursday, September 06, 2012


If only I wasn't so shy I would send you pictures of my home and studio in Rio de Janeiro. Well, maybe...I will be talking to my therapist about that ... LOL

I want to have dinner on the patio in hong kong! Pretty pretty lights to see.

What a fabulous setting! I wonder how it is at street level. The picture that stood out to me was the one of her walking with her child and holding the camera on her shoulder. If I tried that here...one or the other would be missing within a few blocks. Probably the camera. Ugh. I hate when I admit things like that...and thought about deleting what I just said...but it's true. Sad but true.

HI Mary Ann...I love this whole theme...I am an Aussie living in Canada...my husband is Canadian...I have a blog but it goes along in fits and starts..I did your class actually when I was in oz...I have made more books and paint a bit...my email address is lmgrottier@hotmail.com...don't know if I would be interesting enough..haha..:)..

Lovely pictures and super interesting post, as usual. I would love to give a glimpse of what I do here in Montreal, don't be afraid to ask if you are interested :)

BRilliant !! Love this !! Thank you so very much for doing this!! Vanessa has inspired me!!

Thanks so much for a peek into Vanessa's living room. I was her assistant when she was a summer camp arts & crafts counselor on an island in a Canadian lake. We were 17 and 19 at the time. What is funny is that I am from California - It always comes back to California - so Dispatch from LA is letting me into Vanessa's living room in Hong Kong - almost 20 years later. I am no longer an artist - I was just the assistant counselor, even then - but if you want to look into the wine I make in a teeny winery in France I'd love to show you around. We've put a lot of our creative energy into our winery's graphic identity. It's a little wild and wooly and not so snobby, chateau-y. It's probably completely off topic but check out my website or my blog anyway if you want, and again thanks for showing off Vanessa's creativity! It's a beautiful page.

OOOOooo! Absolutely adore peeking in people homes, seeing what they do and where they create. So fascinating to me. Hong Kong is a riveting city. I spent some time there five years ago on my way home from Aussie Land. Adventures included catching the toe of my sandle on the side of a boat and falling - one leg between the pier and the ship - the other by now on the floor knee, grappling to grab the hands of the 22 Hong Kongites who were trying to pull me to safety! Sheeesh. Not one of my more glorious moments. Fabulous city with all it's markets, and the ancient narrow streets and alleys of old Hong Kong where, if you just keep walking you enter a world of the old days, and old ways, where you can here the click of the mahjong tiles while the old men sit happily and wile the hours away. The air was so bad when I was there I did have respiratory issues - the thick smog not being the best for photographs. Nevertheless - had a blast, it's an amazing place to explore. Loved meeting Vanessa today - this is a great idea you are exploring. Look forward to seeing more. Might even get my camera out and send you some photos. xoDonna

Sharon: I was in Hong Kong 45-46 years ago too, on a cruise ship and I remember visiting the Tiger Balm gardens!!!! In fact, I still have the photographic slides my mother bought of Hong Kong. What a small world it is.
Just love Vanessa's art! Had to check out her Etsy shop and of course bought some washi tape and the cutest striped blue mouse. Can't wait to get my package from Hong Kong - jeez the shipping was so reasonable!

Dear Mary Ann thank you so much for this beautiful blog post. I feel very lucky indeed to have connected with you. And thanks to all your craft monkeys who commented on my pages and who came to visit my etsy shop. Much appreciated. It's a pleasure to have such wonderful virtual friends over for coffee! (it's 8am here in HK)

Hi, I'd show you what I get up to from Australia! Let me know:) Love Vanessa's work and will check out her sites!

I'll give you a guided tour round my workshop in Northumberland in the north of England if you like!?
I love seeing into other workspaces.
And I'm enjoying your colourful arty pages very much xxxxxx

How lovely! Very fun to see her work and city views. Thanks for sharing.

Well, if you want some views from an artsy life on a little Dutch island I'd be more than happy to help out. Check out my blog to see if you think I'm worthy of your blog, haha. Love the peek into other peoples life from all over the world. Thanks for sharing. I love love love her red journal pages.

My how Hong Kong has changed from when I was there some 46 years ago. Thanks for the peek. I wonder if Tiger Balm is still there. It was a fascinating place.

I love her work! Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!!

I love seing how others live too. It´s such a great idea with these posts Mary Ann - thanks for sharing

Connie because of my love of travel and foreign destinations Im interested in highlighting artists who live outside North America. (mexico and central america are good)
Do leave a link in the comments to a particular post on your blog that features your studio and house if you want to share though.

Thanks for sharing the great photos and slices of life from a distant land through the eyes of a fellow journaler. LOVE the amazing views as well as pages and bits and pieces shared here. For me, here in lies the magic of the internet, the ability to see places far and wide that I won't ever visit in person. Finding other kindred spirits capturing their world and bringing it to the pages of a journal and willing to share it and put it all out there. I'm gonna sit right here for a bit and enjoy the view, so don't mind me. ;)

Very cool, thanks for sharing. How foreign does it have to be?

I love little glimpses into other peoples lives. Thankyou so much for this delightful post.

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