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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Regarding those pastries: I love how you sacrifice for your readers. I think I will refer to you as Sister Saintly Moss. In your bio it shall read... She's a giver, willing to do whatever it takes.

Cannot wait to see what loveliness you concoct with all your wonderful finds.

Looooveeee the paper goodies and I just knew that you would draw that carton when I saw it in a previous post, it was too interesting to ignore! Funny lot aren't we?????

Aw dam, you had me at onions on the hot dog. Did you have to top it with your beautiful sketch? Well yes. That Carol, she's gonna have some catching up to do. Just sayin.

LOVE your sketch! Your sketches capture your subject so well and in such a way that is uniquely yours, so cool. And STOP cutting and pasting with MY paper! xox

Enjoy those sunny days! The wettest, rainiest week I can ever remember was a week in August in Haugesund, just a ways down the coast from Bergen....

Be sure to sample the cream cakes...and Queen Maud's Pudding, if you get the chance. Ant these dumpling thingies with a center of meat...can't remember the name...and fiske pudding! I've got to stop this, I'm droolo
Ing in Starbucks and it isn't my best look! (wink, wink)

More paper. Buy more paper. And a set of those tiny little spoons the Norwegians use for their coffee service----tisse? Is that the name? (Tish AH)

Have more fun! You keep reminding me of wonderful things Norwegian that I have forgotten!

It is so fun to travel along on your journey with you-vicariously, of course! I love seeing everything there, from pastries to papers and everything in between. And boat rides-I love a boat ride...Keep is in the loop.

I am liking both yummies very much indeed. Another delightfully full plate to dig into with gusto. xxxooo

Look at all that paper goodness and the delicious colors of the colored pencils. Yes, the pastries look good too but I can't have those!
Aloha, Kate

I can't decide between the hot dog and the paper.

No, who am I kidding? I want ALL THAT PAPER, EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT!!! Hot dogs only last a few minutes (two, tops, amIright???), but that paper could be "my precious" for years on end. How I envy you the opportunity to purchase beautimous rolls of scrumptious papers, and - better yet - collect all kinds of foreign-language goodies that people are just - gasp - tossing away!

PS: Nice work on the sketching. You're really getting the hang of this stuff!

Lucky ducky I love that paper!!!!!!!!!!

Oh how I wish I could be there with you...sampling all the local foods & splurging on papers & housewares...and lots of those pretty scissors! Thanks so much for sharing your adventures so we can travel vicariously through you!

The pastries look wonderful! And I LOVE the new batch of papers!

please eat a hot dog for me tomorrow, they look sooooo delish!

Look at all those shades of red pink and orange in that lucious paper....can't wait to see what you do with it.

Spandau must be related to spandex -- if you eat too many of the pastries, you need to wear spandex clothes. Am loving your posts and your trip. Seeing Norway through your eyes is much better than when I saw it myself -- I wasn't really looking then, I had a lot of inner strife going on at the time. So thanks for taking me back with you.

I love making this trip with you. I feel like I am right there enjoying every adventurous moment. The fun I am sure will excelerate when your crazy sister comes. Thank you for sharing this all with us.

Those papers are just gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

It's so nice to wake up each day to a new Norwegian inspiration. Today is full of sweet bright colours and delicious anticipation. I'm off to the bakery :)

I wonder if your strawberries are more like wild strawberries than cultivated ones we're used to eating. And I betcha the cream from contented Norwegian cattle beats Darigold fat free half and half by a mile.
The design aesthetic is so different. Love those papers which will be so pretty in your travel journal.
I'm glad you're having a happy time.

i love seeing the pages in your travel journal - so much variety, as if you have tucked each experience inside of it to take home.

Your drawing of the krem is lip smacking good; and I'll have the skillingsbolle s'il yous plait.
huggy huggy

Love travelling with you! Can't wait to see what trouble you get into when your sister gets there!! Are you changing apartments?

spandau and hot dogs with onion rings on them??? I am in heaven just reading about those! I think your making Bergen smile with happiness - that is why the sun is shining. Thank you for taking me along!! blowing kisses back at ya!

I am devouring every post, food related or not! Thanks! By the way, go back and get the bowls for ME! I'm obsessing over them! Living vicariously is fun!

Ohhhh the hot dogs (including that cute little stand -- same thing!) remind me of the wonderful hot dogs I had in Iceland a couple of summers ago! And topped with those fried onions too! Same idea but then of course a lot of things in Iceland are very similar to those in Norway. Brings back yummy memories! Oh and the pastries look pretty good too! LOL

The sun is shining because Bergen is happy to have your sweet soul visiting! Love your drawing...so much natural talent. I'm loving our trip to Norway!!

I read your post first everyday now wondering what I will find.....yummy foods items, beautiful scenery or a bag full of gorgeous papers....it really doesn't matter...I love it all. Thanks for the journey to Norway.

what fun paper! and great sketch!
It's only just past 10 am here, but you've already led me to decide I will be eating a hot dog today...
Happy Norwegian explorations to you! xo

Creamy and gooey - I would have had Spandau too
I'm already a fabric fiend but it seems I am now being converted to a paper one - they look like a great big bunch of fun!

Mary Ann, so cool to follow you everyday on this glorious trip!
What awesome paper!
Could that hot dog be more tempting, I'd have another one too!
Thank-You for taking the time to share all this with us.

Mary Ann, I am on weight watchers and you sure like to tempt me when you go on these excursions. Those danish rolls sure look good as did the hot dog. I still want that bag the papers are in though.

OH!!!!!! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to come into work each morning and read your new accounts of your travel adventure! It sure makes me get through the day -- although distracted because I want to go home and play with my paper and journals too! The pictures and words you use to describe everything is poetic and magical! I am having a wonderful time with you on your journey. Can we please have another one of those custard pastries today?

Don't know which is more delish, the paper or the pastries!

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