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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Wow, that is amazing.
I wish I could draw like that!
And the little film is quite calming and soothing, lovely.

How sweetly charming and inspiring! Thank for sharing. Enjoy your trip (I can't wait to see your photos)!

Of course it's good, it's Danny... Never met the man but have his books. Wishing I could draw like him. They put that fawn there especially for him. So he could capture it in ink... Wonderful video Mary Ann. Thanks for sharing this with us.

If I wasn't already happily married, I'd be knocking on his door.....what an amazing soul he is!

I've followed Danny Gregory for a couple of years, have all his books. What a wonderful human being. When his wife died I was so sad for him and his son, Jack. But they are doing well in spite of this terrible loss. Such a compassionate, insightful man...a wonderful human being who conveys his love of life to all who come in contact with him. A true gift.

Wonderful! I used to play that music on my clarinet, the Victorian Kitchen Garden! What a brilliant video.

Good grief. I can't even pull that off virtually, So...

I agree. Very very good.

Amen, sista!

I love this video. I was so lucky to meet Danny Gregory in NYC at the Artist Panel for "The Pulse of Mixed Media" What a beautiful man and artist! Thanks.

Thank you

Loved it, thank you!

Utterly lovely and inspiring... off to pick up my pen and sketchbook. (Can I say I wish I drew like him?) Happy Norwegian dreams and journey!

so, so beautiful. happy weekend.

I love Danny Gregory. Because of him, I draw.


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