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Wednesday, June 06, 2012


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Your talents are endless.

Of course for some reason I can't see the paper (computer has mind of its own), but I'm going on past craftiness.

I was wondering where that pretty paper came from. I've made checkerboard paper - did you make a square with a design element and turn it into a fill pattern?

wow! thanks so much for sharing! i can't believe i was actually able to figure out how to do the download now i just have to find it on my computer!!!! wish me luck!

Yummy! Thanks!

Dear Mary Ann

It's a while since I have looked at your site, life took over for a while, but I have to say, your site is just so happy. It really is like sunshine. Much Love Karen xx

Oh nice! Is there anything you can't do?

awesome, thanks so much!

Thank you for sharing! Very pretty.

Love it: Check
Printed it: Check
"Accidently" forget to make dinner while I make something lovely with it: Working on it!
Thank you Mary Ann

You Rock!!! Love that paper... You are the best and thanks for sharing. 😊 and oh! my !!! That Norway travel journal looks fabulous. Safe travels to you.

OOO thanks Mary Ann... Glad you had the determination to make it for us... Grin. Just downloaded it and it looks wonderful. I know how labor intensive little jobs like this can be! I would NOT have the patience... Well done and thanks again!

is niiiiiiiiiice :D

Thanks Mary Ann. Love it!! You are so good to us!!

Wow, will print it, your a doll to share, thanks.

Wow, super cool! Thanks!

Computer decided to cooperate and I was right to go on past craftiness, it is wonderful. Now the printer is giving me grief... maybe tomorrow.

You rock Mary Ann! Thanks a lot - that's so cool!

Your faith in my technical wizardliness has, alas, been for naught. It keeps telling me the file is corrupted, so I offer money, but the dang thang ain't cooperating. Sigh. I might have to bring out the big guns and sic my teenage mutant children on it. Geez, another topic for my therapist, chevron envy and inability to open.

Love it! Thanks for sharing.

WOW!! That was super nice of you...Thank You! May this Karma return to you twice fold and I just love your blog site
Happy Trails!

I am wondering if you can print this on fabric and make me an orange chevron top to take on vacation to Norway? Make one for yourself too. That way we will always be able to find each other in a crowd. good idea huh?

sister, want that i make us matching bra and underpants too?

Thanks for sharing. Your skills seem to be endless!

You are too good to us!

This paper is dee-licious!!! It is printing from my printer as we speak! Yummy goodness!!!

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