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Friday, May 11, 2012


Happy Birthday, Sisters! Also, love the shaped frames. :)

I want to come and make art on your patio garden with you!

Ledger love.

Friday IS the happiest day of the week, isn't it? It's the day everyone who works outside the home looks forward to. Everyday is Friday for me! Isn't that just too special for words? I'm just happy to wake up each day of the week which from now on I'll just designate as Friday.

Happy B'day to the Moss sisters. May is a great month to be born...so is June, that's my birth month...smack dab in the middle of the month in the middle of another happy month.

Can't wait to see what the hand painted labels look like...this teasing makes me anxious...results soon, OK?

and today is my birthday!...see, we are sistas from different mothers! HBT to both of yours! love the colors you are using these days...

Best wishes to the two sisters. Great month to be born in. I was celebrating myself yesterday (the 10th) with me version 5.1.

Happy b'day to both Moss sisters! And keep going, can't wait for the labels, hurry, we artists are in need. I already know they are to die for. Happy Friday, I agree, it nevers grows old.

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