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Monday, May 28, 2012


That is soooooo cute.
I wish I wasn't allergic to cats....

BBBBBBrrrrrrrrrilllllllliantttttttt... Laughed so loud! What an adorable cat. Hoping that curiosity will not kill it...

i am not a huge cat person, but I love Maru, I WANT that kitty! I had to watch the somersault twice, couldn't believe it the first time.

hello i found your blog--and i believe it's not a coincidence because i just started journaling and now im loving it more because your blog inspires me. i want to call it now SERENDIPITY! thanks for this post :) God bless

Oh, I so want that cat! What a sweetie!

Ok I really needed that today! Made me laugh and feel warm inside ;)

Love this video, I got lost in kitty kat land on U Tube - so therapeutic, until I tubed my way to Sylvester the Foul Mouthed Kat and his obnoxious owner -- despite the juvenile dialogue the cat is pretty funny -- but that guy needs a life.

oh come ON...is that kitty for real?...especially the slo-mo upside down somersault?!??.

That book is gonna be fab. LOVE the flip-top concept.
Yeeeeah, I love it.

I have watched many Maru videos. So cute and funny. :)

So I am totally out of my mind that seeing this makes me want another one?

It was the cat face poking through the hole in the box with the hair painted around it that made me LOL! Thanks for the laugh, Mary Ann and Maru!

OMG--that is a giant dose of cute!!!

Oh my goodness is right! I just showed this to my husband and he immediately got out a box and is currently cutting a hole in it. HA! THanks for brightening our days!

oh Mary Ann you are a very bad girl. I am now totally absorbed. I've been watching Maru videos for the last half hour. There are over 200 of them. I love him!!!!! Washing up is piled in the sink but I'm not interested. I'm only interested in watching Maru get brushed, and in Maru climbing into boxes and in Maru being so CUUUUUTE it almost hurts.

I just lurve Maru - he is so gentle and cute. Its suprising how small the boxes are he gets into! That flipover behind the door at the end made me laugh. Happy Birthday Maru

Oh my Goodness! That last move had me doubled over in fits of laughter and disbelief. I've known some eccentric kitties, but Maru takes the cake!

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