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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Love the video, and it's so realistic! The idea of working fast food with a master's degree is becoming more and more appealing!

OMG -- that video is absolutely funny, but it feels as if this is what education is coming to. You must also check out this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6zVwl6i1UY&feature=related (life of a public school teacher). I think my principal would also get a good laugh from it. Thanks for sharing!

OMG, if that video weren't so true I could laugh harder. In one of our last meetings the administrator insisted we do formative assessments and collect the data. When I told her I taught art and that I am constantly assessing, she asked me how I knew if the students we're successful without data? I told her could SEE how they were doing. I could SEE if a kid needed help and I could intervene. She said I needed data to prove they had succeeded. I said I had a finished product. She wondered if the finished product was enough data to determine if the student had been successful. I gave up but what I really wanted to say was, "so do you think the Mona Lisa would be enough data for you to determine if Leonardo was successful?" Love teaching, hate education!

Having just returned from LA, I can tell you how surprised my skin was, but not as surprised as my skin was when I got home and it snowed! Very cute video and pertinent in sooo many ways :)

Love, love, LOVE this top spread...

LOVE you!

Oh, I don't know what the issue is with the video. My students eat word walls for lunch and my classroom has revolving walls so they can see every chart of everything we have ever thought together. You should try feeding your students word walls for lunch and look int those rotating walls. It has really helped student performance.

I envy you. I cannot crochet to save my life. I have tried. I am hugely successful at making triangular shaped pot holders. No matter how I try to make a square. :P

Loved the video. Loved it! Sadly, it could just as easily be applied to any business meeting I've heard of lately.

I can't quit laughing (if you don't laugh you cry). I have worked for a County Board Program for individuals with disabilities for 30 years and that video was my yesterday conversation with "someone". I said, oh that is the new Buzword for today and he looked at me strange - didn't get it of course. Like the cartoon, the someone kept staring at me. That is such a classic, thanks for sharing.

you make me smile with your temp of 59°.....oh we just got over 20 to 25 BELOW my dear.....59° would make be feel like a springtime princess!!!
I remember when I lived in the desert....anything below SEVENTY,,,yes, seventy you read that correctly ,,,and we were searching for SKI JACKETS we were sooooo cold...makes me laugh now:) you better crochet faster so that blanket can help keep you warm !!!

The video is highly confusing... How can you guys work like that? Being a teacher is a challenge all of its own. Chapoo for all the teachers!
Focussing on a blanket seems more straight forward. ;o))

that video is so realistic that it's scary!!! i have been teaching for over twenty years and, although i love the kids, i am ready to be done with all the jargon and requirements. teaching used to be more fun and creative.

LOL Sounds like you were at our last "Professional Development" Day!!! It is getting more and more ridiculous every year! I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry at the truth of it! Thanks :)

nonononononono. I'm backing away now. I'm running away now. I retired in 1996 and your video is word for word the tripe I was hearing back then. I have to go and put lotion on the rash that developed as I watched it!

OMG, that video is hysterical! I have so much respect for all you teachers out there, seeing all the hoops you have to jump through, not to mention the nonsense. Thank god you have a healthy sense of humor!

The Facebook link is being tempermental. Perhaps you need to bribe it with more crochet to display. That was the funniest video ever. Do you really have to deal with such nonsense-speak? God bless all the teachers!

Okay, I'm laughing pretty hard at this point. I think I might know that guy. Thanks for the laugh that maybe only a pubic school teacher can truly appreciate.

The Facebook link is not working. I'd like to see your blanket...could you put a photo here?

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