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Sunday, February 05, 2012


yeah! thank you for posting.

Just one more reason I regard you as a soul sister :)

That made me proud of him! Thanks Mary Ann.

Just catching up as my computer has been down and I very much appreciate you sharing this! Awesome!

We HAVE all got to do everything that we can to get this man re-elected!!! He is the most awesome man and My entire family loves him!! Goosebumps every time he speaks like this!! We ahve got to make everyone believe and Know that there is only so much that One man can do and he has DONE SO VERY MUCH FOR ALL AMERICANS!!!
Thank you so much for sharing!! I had not seen this but I am sharing it, big time!!! Big Hugs!!

...just another reason our President has my admiration and respect!
Thank you for sharing Mary Ann.

This is my first time seeing it, too. Love it!!

I actually got goosebumps watching that.

thanks for sharing this video! I love him too!

I hadn't seen this yet, but I have to tell you that my wife and I (yes, we were one of the lucky 18,000 gay couples that tied the legal knot in that 5 month window here in California before Prop. 8 was passed) watched this with tears in our eyes. Rather special to have the highest political figure in the nation validate one's existence. I will forward this to my entire e-mail list. Thanks so much for spreading the word.
Erin in Morro Bay

yes!! thank you for sharing. i couldn't agree more!!

Right on, sister!!!! Right on, President Obama, keep on speaking like this.

Thanks Mary Ann. Love your blog and love this clip...I hadn't seen it yet.

Thanks for having the courage to Stand Up on your Blog and post this clip. I've heard too many people complain about Bloggers "getting all political" in their posts. It's actually one of the Purest Forms of Creative Expression.
High Five...yes indeed....High Five.

Our President is one of the most moral men alive today, I believe. He has kept us out of a deep depression according to many of the economists. It does my heart good to see these positive posts as I live in an area that vilifies him. I love him also. Thank you all.


Way to go OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks MAM - hadn't seen this.

LOVE!!! It gave me goosebumps!

THAT is the USA that I love!


Yes, Yes, Yes....hadn't seen this yet - so glad you shared it!

Thanks for posting....I am so proud of our President.


Awesome! Thanks!


FanFreakinTastic! thank you

Love it!

I am a fan as well. Thank you for sharing this, Mary Ann.

Ditto! Thank you!

I am a fan. Yay, Prez!

Thanks for this Mary Ann. I love him too.

i hadn't seen this and i am so thankful that you posted it -- i have never regretted that i voted for obama --this video only reinforces.
thank you!


I am not a fan... but I loved this.

Amazing! I'm a big supporter of our prez and this just reaffirms my faith. Thanks for sharing, Mary Ann!

debbie yes there is a camera connection adaptor that lets you download to your ipad. but i usually just email pics i wanna do something with to my ipad. i dont download pics to it from the camera. UNLESS im traveling.

You and me too!!! Thanks for sharing this... I hadnt seen it.

BTW, Ms Ipad... is there a gadget for connecting your camera to your ipad? You recently said that you took a pic with your crappy camera and posted via your ipad. I am assuming you didnt mean the ipad camera (which isnt great). Thanks!


Me Too Mary Ann!!!!! Thanks for sharing this.

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