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Saturday, January 14, 2012


I haven't visited here in so long and I'm catching up and of course remembering why I enjoy your creativity and blog so much. You are such good energy. Loved this.

You are a hoot. Here's to your free spirit! Thanks for making me laugh.
:) Melora Kay

Wow- I mean just, WOW

You are brilliantly silly and inspiring! I think my favorite parts are what ever it was you were doing with that bra, the dancing, and the fashion shows. Love it!!

Oh this made me smile. So much wonderful photos and love. Thanks for charging.


You just crack me up. I rarely go more than two days without my Mary Ann fix. Loved, loved, loved this.

Mary Ann,

You CRACK. ME. UP!!!!!

Loved it.

P.S. Have that song on my iPod... love it too...

That is amazing!!! So cool! Funny, sweet, creative and beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing this.

Hmm... I may need to start sending photos to my sister. I loved the bra photos. Totally can relate!

5 minutes in 5 years will be a regular go-to video for moi! There's just too much damned seriousness in the world! And I also like studio spelled backwards. Cute!

The word that comes to mind when I watched this is Totally Fun and Kooky...Even if we're far apart in age, we are very much the same when it comes to heart and mind. That sister is as big a nut as you are. Love you both.

I love that version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow...who is it?

The list is fabulous. I could put some suggestions there...but then it wouldn't be your list, would it?

I think you should learn to knit instead of crochet...it's more fun and something you could share with sister.

There's a soundtrack too? I loved it here on my silent computer and now I can watch it again set to music. Thanks for sharing.

talk about life flashing before your eyes....WHATTA LIFE!! LOVED it!!

love love love

thanks so much for this. i'm going to share this on my blog. i have tears of love and joy. what a special gift of images for your sister and a fabulous gift to us...sharing yourself in such a special way. i feel very special. very inspired. you've given a gift of knowledge as well. my Mac is new and i'm still figuring things out and this is a joy. your personal moments and life so wonderfully shared. it doesn't matter why you did it (you are sooo funny) because i'm so happy that you did...bless you

You are Hilarious! I loved this, especially the kitty ones and also the dancing, so cute!!! And, are you more creative when you consume the big bottles, I feel that I am!!! Watch this if your are feeling down, it will bring you up again, thank you for sharing with us, I had a smile the whole time!!1

So fun, so refreshing real ... thanks for sharing!

Fabulous Mary Ann. And sweet to see your beloved Buck. Thanks so much for sharing.

Still laughing. I need some of those rubber finger puppets. Love you.

I feel happy, thank you for the happy video. Sure wish you were my neighbor, what fun we would have. Enjoy

Love Love Love it!!!! I am right behind you..I turn 49 on Feb 20th this year.

bucky buckerton was also my favorite part - actually tied with you and your sis - I have a crazy sister too. makes the world a much funner place for sure. happy sunday!!

I had to notice that it was craziest when "sister" was involved!

Brilliant! and very moving even if I don't know you. Good choice of the song! Thanks for sharing!

lol lovely, laughing in tears

:) You are amazing. Also, I need a bear mask. xo

You are beautiful.

Mary Ann, I love you and your blog. That is all.

saw this posted at Nataleas. after watching this, I think I can say that I love you! lol!
have a happy day

THANK YOU cute people! it was easy to do if you wanna make one for yourself. took me MAYBE 10 minutes. drag all of your iphone photos into an IMOVIE new project. select all and speed up to .25 seconds - or whatever speed you want! add a title. VOILA! done! upload. super 100% simple. i left mine in the exact order they were in. which is why they aren't all in chronological order, but you could put yours in order if you're less lazy than me!
it started for me because i wanted to pull my photobooth photos off my old imac and put them on my new one - didnt want to lose them all. i decided to do a video instead. a really fun retrospective. ha ha ha BUCK MOSS is my favorite part of the whole thing.

Very cool, loved it. The Talking Heads "Burning Down the House" would be a fun soundtrack too.

{and put to a favorite song}

I loved this--I wish I had a sister, and I wish I was as close to that sister as you are to yours. You are delightful!

I have a HUGE smile on my face and LOVED every crazy minute of this video...and love you even more than I did 5 minutes ago!!! What a wonderful world indeed!

wonderful!!!! this was such a delight to watch. gives much more insight into the real MAM. kookie, krazy, kreative, and sooooo much fun. i want to be your next door neighbor and spend lots of time being your new BFF. thanks for sharing yourself with us. wouldn't want to miss it for the world.

p.s. good to see buck!

Loved this! Am inspired to make one of my own. Thanks for sharing. :D

Lordy... all the quick flashes about gave me seizures. That was great. Only a slideshow made by you would contain a bear mask, cocktails, and Jesus. Fabulous! Loved the cat shots. Hi Buck! Wish I had a friend like you close by.

You are a nut! What a great way to document 5 years of silliness (and cocktails). You and your sister must be a hoot to be around! Loved seeing the flashes of sweet Buck too.

Marie said EXACTLY what I was feeling....loved, loved, loved this Mary Ann....I want to be your sister! Loved seeing all the pictures of Buck...such sweet memories. Thank you for sharing AND for being in my life and my inspiration!

I'm watching this at 6:20 in the morning - wow what a wake up!!! You are so creative. Thank you.

You continue to make me understand why you're my idol Mary Ann! I LOVED this....watched it with tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face...You are true authenticity! No one inspires me more, xoxo

speechless, giddy and dizzy! Academy award material. decidedly historical and precious! xoDonna

This was delightful. Thank you.

Tears and laughter, energy and love....thank you!

love, love, loved it! Thank you.

well darn, if you aren't a winning actress now! The supporting cast did a good job too, the flowers, buck,refreshments,siblings art and, and... guess I'll go watch it again!

I absolutely love this, M-est! I've already watched it 4 times!! Sweet reminder of good times together. Love you and miss you, M-est of A's.

Well that was awesome! HOW did you do that? I love your creativity, zest for life, and overall artyness.

loved every. single. second.

you shoulda warned me.
I forgot to strap on my seatbelt.

Somewhere between karate bear and Buck I got a little weepy....might be all the merlot...or is it cabernet.....probably doesn't matter.....but you do! Still my favorite bloggista of all time.....I also thought I saw jesus....might be scheduling a neuro consult soon....... :)

I like you even more!

You can't imagine how much I wish we lived close to each other! I would inflict myself on you, I would! You are MY kind of lady. Thanks for sharing your MAM 1500 in 5. I love it.

You are great.

OMG! You ROCK! Thanks for sharing.

You are the best - thank you for sharing!

buck lives. forever. and ever. wonderful.

I LOVED it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing it with us! I think that you might be just a little bit crazy and I like that in a person. Live on!

Decidedly camera shy and inhibited!

I sat here and grinned all the way through this...I think you just made up for your general refusal to show yourself in pictures on your blog. And did I see a wardrobe malfunction in there somewhere?! oh, probly not...well, no matter. It was wonderful and so fun! loved the journals, hats, and general silliness! You always make me smile. thanks for a marvelous blog and amazing inspiration!

it made me laugh AND cry!

OMG, that is awesome!! The aprons, the bear mask, the puppet shows - there is just so much more to you than we yet know, Miss Mary Ann. Keep up the good work, we are definitely amused! :)

Loved it. And everything that embodies you, was in the pictures. Thanks for the smiles and memories of the last few years.

LOVED THIS!!!!! And cried all the way through it Miss MaryAnn Moss!You are truly one of my best heroes!

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