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Saturday, January 07, 2012


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i don't have many photos, because i usually forget to take them with instagram....anyways, mine is paris1123.

happy sunday,

I'm on there and love it... I'm sararuthberry. Can't wait to check out followgram, I've been using inkstagram for following.

My Instagram name is Dar63 - see ya there! ( I don't have many photos either, but that's about to change :-)

And if you only have a "regular" digital camera or a PC, try Pixlr: http://pixlr.com/o-matic/

It does a lot of the same things and doesn't leave us PC-Droid-ers out in the cold hehe

I do instagram and hipstamatic... Grin. Loving it. I do have all the hipsta packs, I like hipsta even better then instagram.
I made a book with my italian photographs in instagram...


I still have to order it in print though... I have it on my iphone and it looks good. Definitely something to work with in the future... Loved your keyboard yesterday. Had to laugh so hard when I saw it. I also like your Russian Gypsy violonist. I am a big gypsy lover. I go to Appleby every year, the big gypsy fair...

I can't keep up with you!!! Or technology!!! But I'm happy to see what YOU instagram!

Love your beautiful photos!! I am kanaconger on Instagram and will
follow you. Isn't technology fun?

oh thanks everyone! im going to find you and follow you so i can spy on your instagrams!!!

i'm rootmix. loving your chandelier pic!

I love instagram! This is me: loisreynoldsmead most of my pictures are not square so I find it interesting to import them into instagram and see if they are still interesting within the confines. Good exercise in cropping! No problem with my Hipstamatic shots though.

I'm sorry, but my head just exploded.

So so pretty!

Me backwards. Mary Ann, can instagram be used on a Mac desktop or only on an iPhone? I couldn't tell online? Help a dumb dumb.

shelley from one backasswards to the next: i think you can only use it with an iphone & ipad. you sign up from within the app. its the same with followgram. you log in there with your instagram account info.

I love seeing photos from all over the world on instagram! My username is drawingonclouds; I sporadically post pics.

Hi Mary Ann, I don't have a clue why Instagram is, maybe just because it can be! But it was really fun clicking in the appropriate spot and having it actually work! For this tech beginner that is success.Loved the pics too. Leslie

I wanna play! ;op I have a new ipad, but am still at the bottom of the learning curve. I will try to catch up with you eventually? Meantime, I love your blog daily, and your sister's too! a fan. jacki

Happy Birthday, Mary Ann!!! Wishing you all the best for your new year!


I've totally enjoyed keeping up with your travels over Xmas and new Year, viva ipad2!! M

Picture #1 just about knocked my socks off!


love instagram......

Oh brother! Now I'm hooked.

oh, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Happy Birthday Mary Ann! A day late but as heartfelt as it would have been yesterday. Sounds like you had a special evening? You do have a wonderful life and deserve every second. jacki

Yay. Now I'm a follower!! I'm in there as babsarella.

Happy birthday young woman! You got me on instagram! I am instacorky. xoxo

Hi, I love the chandelier pic. I'm Limefizz on Instagram - absolutely loving it, sooo addictive. I'm going to go and check you out!

Great photos! I am robenmarie on Instagram...I am addicted! :)

I can't stop Instagramming either! I just came across your lovely blog and I'm following you on Instagram now. I'm katykangaroo (Katy Acquaye-Tonge). xx

Happy Birthday! hope you did something special!

Happy Birthday Wild Woman! I am following you on Instamagiggie, I am bkasstle on der. I'll play ya on WWF, my username is 'bkasstle' don't share with anyone else it is a secret. Shhhhhhhhhh....

Happy Birthday Wild Woman! I am following you on Instamagiggie, I am bkasstle on der. I'll play ya on WWF, my username is 'bkasstle' don't share with anyone else it is a secret. Shhhhhhhhhh....

Hi and glad to see you have finally found Instagram. I was an avid poster till life, and sadly death, caught up with my world over the last few week... I can't wait to get back to the creative life I am working hard to set up for my self... Look for me if you like.. I am dynathedog.. Will seek you out later today... thanks for sharing.... ps I have loved your blog for years

here is my instagram name : dansmoncrane.

ps : I live in Hong Kong!!

I love the lanterns! I look forward to following you. I am onlysleepn if you want to follow me.

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