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Monday, December 05, 2011


This is a great place to pick up app info... thanks. The constellation one is called Star Walk and it is fabulously amazing, especially in the country. I also love Pinterest on the ipad.

Well, Hell.
This is e.w. who does not know an iPad from a uPad, who has no clue what the heck you are talking about. Hipstamatic sounds like something that happens with my right hip at night when I am in bed. Apps may be what my arms do when they quit waving or, if I had ever had lovely and perky breasts...oh, what the H. I never had apps.
As my brother always told me, "You are a carpenter's dream..flat as a board"....which is so good now as an old Rotary Dial Girl.
I send you love as ever. Color me knuts!...but it is good, and you in my life = joy.

Your cray cray looks reminiscent of my cray cray! HA (http://twitpic.com/7nv2sx)

Good news on the damage from the wind and the cozy journal time. All in all the haven of Moss Cottage is looking great.

I assume you will be making an ipad case out of a well-used and journaled-upon book? I bet it will be wonderful. Please post some tutorial photos if you do!

love the photo. you are cute!

So, so wishing I was going to Mexico for Christmas. How wildly fun! I might have to buy an iPad for my annual "to Kate with much love from Kate" gift!

oohh, fun fun! We got an ipad a year ago but I still haven't figured it out. Of course, if I want to spend any time with it, I'll need to wrestle it from my husband's cold, dead, hands. But, still, from what I know, Flipboard and Google Sky are my fave apps. And--although it is a bit frustrating--I use the Pinterest app quite a lot for free time browsing; oh, and TedTalks. I'll be interested to see if you find any good art apps. Haven't had time to search out any of those. Have fun with your new toy!

I just got the iPhone 4s 2 weeks ago. I'm still trying to figure out all the ins/outs of this incredible gadget...it's a computer disguised as a phone! I want the iPad too...then I'll have the full Apple computer: MacBookPro, iPod, iPhone, iPad quadfecta. I don't like Facebook or Twitter...I don't need or want to be in touch with people that much...email is fine with me. I have wi-fi at home but head for Starbucks if I'm out and about. Wi-Fi use doesn't suck up my GB allowance on my phone data plan.


Your cray-cray picture reminds me of all the ones I have accidently taken with my new iphone, my first Apple product! the picture-taker button is so sensitive that I get some really weird ones of myself without even trying! I LOVE my iphone, don't know how I ever managed without one, have fun with your new toy, and I will be learning about apps from you and your loyal readers.

Apps, schnapps. I don't want to clutter my memory with ancillary stuff. Though a constellation app sounds pretty cool. My friend has 1 that let's you pound out notes on all sorts of instruments. Me, I just love to surf whenever and wherever and my little iPad side-kick is the bomb.

Flipboard ;)

Sister! be careful. the aliens are trying to beam up Wyatt while he is sleeping!

The coolest apps ever are itoldyouso (for the unorganized know-it-all), followed by makeyourownweather (good for programming snow days), and fillyourownprescription (self-explanatory). These actually are VIP apps but I bet you will have no problem getting your request filled ASAP if you mention that Violet Cadburry gave you permission. Shhhhh, don't let anyone else know. Right now I am trying to download the idreamediwonit app(a visual shopping app that keeps the guilt out of spending).


i am ignorant in the ways of phones/smart phones etc., i have a serious phone phobia so dont have a smart phone and dont know how to compare the 2. seems like there are so many apps that will work for both iphone and ipad. the picture on the screen is so intensely vivid and beautiful. probably way easier to blog from than a phone. it is the funnest toy i think ive ever had as a grown up!!!

I had my iPad for close to a year before I discovered this: if you use the "notes" app ( it comes on your iPad and looks like legal pad) it aumatically emails the note to you!

Oh you definitely need SkyWalk! You might also enjoy Noteshelf - a great note-taking, journaling, sketchbooky tool which is a very nifty way of scribbling down all the notes and ideas when they occur as well as building a great collection of sketchbooks.
I'm a new ipad user and now I know that Instagram doesn't have to be interactive, I'm going to check it out! thanks for sharing that little nugget of information.
Have a great time in Mexico!

O, you so make me want to get an iPad! I am green with envy. (I'll get over it.)

For Photographs (which I take on my iPhone but process on my iPad because of the larger screen) Snapseed and to make collages with my photographs, Montage Pro.

Your post inspired me to check the privacy setting, which has been bugging me a long time. http://www.quora.com/Instagram/How-do-you-use-Instagram-without-sharing-the-photos-you-take

Please share with us how to make that Instagram private! I'd love to know...
I'm so glad you're enjoying your new ipad. How does it differ from an iphone (other than being bigger)? I, too, am thinking about taking the plunge and there's a lot I just don't know. :)

I spy your inner child with her early new Christmas toy. That is what I am seeing. Seriously, a kid at heart is what you are Mary Ann. I love just sitting back watching you explore your brand spankin' new gizmo and share it with us. I am so glad things are back to fine at Moss Cottage. All things made to right. Sounds like you are the proud owner of a 'super' plant pot able to withstand serious tumbles without nary a scratch. Ok, no puns intended but if you switched up a couple of the words in that last sentence someone who didn't know the story might get the wrong idea. VBG. LOL.

So glad your epis are vertical again. I adore them. Enjoy your iPad -- and enjoy it for me, too, because I won't have one. I've never even heard of most of those apps you mentioned. Someday you'll find that when you get older, you just don't give a damn!
Have a wonderful day, m'dear.

My most useful app (and so worth the price) is called paprika. I had different recipes on scraps of paper scattered around the kitchen. Now there is less clutter and they're all in one place which is very exciting to me!

Also enjoy the free TED talks app. I'm always inspired by all those creative people. Artist Beatrice Coron's talk is my current favorite.

Flipboard is also very nice which I use to read my favorite blogs and websites all in one app. The app creates a magazine-like layout of your links. Warning: I always have to watch out for major time suckage (this goes for the IPad in general too).

So glad you got the ipad!
fav apps: Type-Writer, Daily monster,Diptic, and a fun game...... Where's my water.

Have fun!

Maybe you've seen this one: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/noteshelf/id392188745?mt=8 Can.not. wait to see what divine things you put on your iPad. You'll share won't you???

I am app-less, iPod-less and WiFi-less, but it is fun to read about all the possibilities! Enjoyed all the pix. :)

My fav photo apps Hipstamatic and Swankolab I use them on my iPhone-check to see if there's an iPad version. For drawing, Sketch Club. For travel; Trip Advisory, Weather Live, and Converter. For finding restaurants, Urbanspoon.
For world news; International Herald Tribune. For fun; Pimp My Screen and Moon Phases. Fav game right now, Words With Friends. Apple made it more difficult to use the Kindle app and I could never figure out how to find books on Kobo.
I'm going to try Luminescence. Love Penultimate.

Try Night Stand Lite (free) or one of the other apps that lets you use your iPad as an alarm clock. Great for traveling.

Nice to see Wyatt (and Corky?). Just got my first iphone and had to get this pretty e-card app (should work on ipads?) from Cartolina:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cartolina/id387593403?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

I got the Sky Walk Astronomy app too, which is a lot of fun: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/star-walk-for-ipad-interactive/id363486802?mt=8

I looked at some of your apps, too, and will have to get a couple. Such fun!


DH uses Google Sky for his android phone...haven't tried it for my iphone as yet...if that helps ;}

hi mary ann!
great shot of wyatt
sending you calm, quiet, soft rain...

xox - eb.

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