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Saturday, December 10, 2011


Mary Ann,
Where do you buy a stylus to use with your iPad. Also, do you have some sort of protective film on your screen so it doesn't get scratched?

Your new digital pages are wonderful!! My tiny little brain can't even imagine how you put them together! You are amazing!

What.A.Hoot! :D

They have just proven everything that has been said about white guys ability to dance.

Moss Cottage, arent you glad you did this your i pad sounds like somuch fun. That sketching app sounds like somuch fun.
Sitting in Pittsburgh andits

Every guy I ever danced with in high school danced like the guy in red. Always cleared the dance floor. Love it.

You wild and crazy thang! Yes, Thang.

Wow, you now have a virtual visual journal! Love your creations. The dancing duo are too funny but I couldn't watch more than one minute as I am nursing a sore back and all that twitching made me nervous. I torqued it while vacuuming -- how depressing. I'll just tell everyone I did skiing in Aspen.

oh my goodness! i think you are out of control, lol. love that you are having so much fun with your new toy. looking forward to our christmas vacation in mexico, would love to feel the warm sand on my feet.

Just read your reading list. I love May Sarton. My favorite is House By the Sea. It opened my eyes to so many things. I pondered the thought of someday being alone like she was after her lover died. It is an excellent read.

The video is hilarious! And the Advent Calendar is cool.
xo Nita

That advent calendar it too funny! And I'm glad you're having fun with the ipad. Can't wait to see what comes next.

Oh SISTER! There should be an age warning on this one. My leg just fell off. Merry Christmas eh?!! As for your recent adventures into your new toy, Mary Ann ... Well ... this blog is obviously headed in a whole new direction ... ha ha ha ha .... Donna ps: glad you are both having fun.

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