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Friday, October 07, 2011


I'm just back to the world of internet after a month in deep retreat and no electricity. Just catching up sitting in a motel room on my way home. This post is soooooooo perfect for my mood of leaving deep nature and getting home by way of Interstates and motels. It takes me back into the beauty and the depths and the incredible simplicity that we seem to rush by most of the time. And it's also a reminder that the macro on my camera is broken and how much I miss that world. I think I'll get a new camera................thanks for sharing this and feeding my mood :-).

such beautiful photo's, the droplets are like jewels :)


Oh my !
Opening a whole new visual of the intimate amazing detail in a single flower,
thank you Mary Ann !

Mary Ann,
Those pictures are beautiful. I love your blog! Ever since I fell in the Remains of the Day class... You're such a breath of fresh air. A great way to start the day! Love your post on Steve Jobs as well. So glad I found "you".

Wonderful photos! :D

amazing pics!

Incredible photos! Thanks for sharing them.

Those pictures are phenomenal! Thank you for sharing the beauty of the water drops!

Very beautiful!!!

(oops...I mean I'm with kdowning)

OH! Macro Lens! Thanks for that tidbit. But how to capture your vision? I'm with Pam....photo class please!

Fantastic images, Mary Ann!

Love the photos - Love the words. YOu inspire me - each and every post :-) Tnanks. Philippa - NZ <3

Beautiful photos!!! Loved the rain for one day, reminded me of why we moved from Oregon.

Amazing photos! I love the rain and you captured it beautifully!

Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

Oh I love how the entire sun is reflected in that one tiny drop coming off the edge of the green leaf!

your photos are magnificent! i LOVE a macro lens....and isn't it even more fun to look at your raindrops and see the reflection within them?
once again you have inspired me!
p.s. thanks for the mention of the encaustic class....i have signed up!


AWESOME photographs!!!!!!

BRAVO Sister! I do believe capturing the essence of raindrops is why the macro lens was invented. I am pretty sure I read that somewhere. Clap Clap Clap.

Wow that is really beautiful . I must use my macro setting more!

I feel humble looking at your incredibly beautiful pictures.

Miz Moss and that lens=
Lisa gasps, accidentally inhales her coffee and happily sputters as she wipes down computer screen filled up with Beauty.

Wow! These photos are beautiful. Now I want a macro lens!!

a-maz-ing photos! thanks for sharing them!

I love the way you see. Now I must go guzzle a drink of delicious wet water.

WOWZA! Your photos are jaw-droppingly good. The way the light is caught in the droplets is truly amazing. A macro lens is on my list for Christmas now. Thanks for sharing.

fantastic photos! i'm gonna have to get my canon fixed after seeing these!

And again you bring me to my knees with your photography and insights. Thanks for helping me to "see."

Rain has never looked so beautiful. It is another world you brought forth with these pictures. Thank you for sharing this world too!

Mary Ann, you are such an artist! So creative in so many genres. I never tire of reading your blogs, both current and past (I'm a realtively new follower). Having a ball in stenciling class and hoping to take FTB later this month. Now, how about a photography class?!

Holy moly! These are divine. That is some macro lens you've got!

So enjoy your pure spirit. You have a classroom of very lucky children. THe most significant influences in my life have been teachers with an eye for detail and magic!!

Yeh, I can comment again. This time I'll take the time to say how I admire your blog and your (travel)journals. You are such an inspirational writer. And I know I'm not the only one who enjoys your postings. You've made my world brighter, Thank you!

Great photo's!

Great photo's!

Your pictures are just FABULOUS!!! They take us to a different world, a world that is hidden from our eyes, but which is very real. Thanks so much for sharing. Your blog has MADE my day!
PS I love in La Provence in France and enjoyed the posts you did from your trip to Paris. Are you thinking of coming down to the south of France in the future?

Fantastic photos.

I like the way you think! Couldn't agree more and what beautiful photos!!!

Note to self - GET A MACRO LENS! MA, your photos are FABULOUS! (have to write in capitals, that's how excited about them that I am!) You can see an entire world inside the rain drop in the very top photo, it is absolutely stunning.

I feel giddy just looking at them. Absolutely stunning!

Water droplets are like heavens pearls aren't they? If I was a cave man I would look at them and go dig up rocks, invent fire and find gem stones too just to recreate their magic in a permanent form. Ill never get bored of them.


so so so beautiful! I love it. Kathleen in Larkspur

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