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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


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Save me a bite if it isn't gone already! I'm loving your trip to Paris...you travel the way I like to -- out with the people (or not) but definitely away from the tourists. Merci!

loving these little peeks into your vacation! And now I'm hungry... LOL

ENJOY!! and thanks for these little "postcards" :)

You make my day!

my mouth was watering as i watched this. i am having so much fun traveling with you! especially loved the B&W video on your last post.:-)

i am surprised he wasn't more animated. :)
I absolutely love crepes in Paris...the first thing I have after I unload my suitcase. Nutella and banane.
I love watching them spin the batter around with the little stick/rake thingy. amazing technique.

continued happy travels under that beautiful blue Paris sky. :)

But he should be selling wine not soft drinks.

Well, that was an art form all its own! Yum!

Oh this is so much fun!

I'm enjoying your holiday! Love watching you walk too. We're holding down the fort back her in LA!

Crepe fromage, s'il vous plait.

A bientot!

okay, you're killing me. i just finished eating baked chicken and dressing and was wishing for something sweet, and then i watched this. oh my! i may have to go to the store now, LOL.

Oh man!!! I am LOVING every minute of this :)

I'm jealous.

Isn't your pocket starting to droop rather badly with all of the well-fed hangers-on inside? You are feeding us all these delectable treats and yet, you do all the walking! We'll all be goose liver fat when we get back!

YUM!!!!!!!!!! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring me back at least a couple dozen PRETTY PLEASSSSSSSSEEEE!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh that looks yummy!! LOVING these little glimpses of your trip Mary Ann - thank you!!

I can tell he has made these many times before. So fun to watch him and his spatula. Now for tasting this sweet gooey treat...delicious! You are the best travel partner ever. I am seeing the sights and hearing the sounds most of us miss. Thank you so much Miss Mary Ann Moss.

I have never in my life wanted a caramel crepe, until today :)
Love it, thank you!

will you be going to Pere Lachaise?
If so, would you mind finding Ingres(be forewarned, he likes to hide). And when you find him, would you look under the corners of his flower planter and see if you can see any quarters? Yes, US money. Odd, I know.
My mother and I put them under there years ago and the last time we were in Paris, they were still there.

anyway...sorry to clog your comment box...I just thought of it and thought I would ask.

I can see sticky finger marks all over your journal after today's outing. Glad to see that blue sky too!
Et Voila!

a master of his craft. scrumptious!

J'ai faim, mon ami. Qui m'a donné envie d'être en France en ce moment

hope you realize my keyboard is wet from all the salivating going on here - so delicious looking, I craving a sweet treat!!

Your trip to Paris is keeping me in wonderful spirits and fond remembrances while I recover from nasty sinus surgery. I love YOUR LOVE for life! Merci! and hugs!

Brilliant! Made me smile!
Mary Ann, what are people like there about being filmed? Do you have to ask permission first? Just curious for when I go in FIVE days time!!!

Thanx for the stop-a-minute.

Omg thanks for sharing this. My family and I will be in Paris in sept and we are staying near the gardens. I can't wait.

love love love the post cards from paris. brings back such wonderful memories of my short trips there. can almost feel the very air. such a treat. thank you for sharing.

Thanks, Mary Ann! That was torture looking at a caramel crepe!
I am glad that you were there to enjoy it and while I'm along for
the ride, I wish I had the taste mechanism going along, too!
Have fun!!!

Is there a bench nearby? I need a nap now :-)And I should tell you that I am so thankful you talked me in to bringing these sensable shoes. What was I thinking with those heavy doc martins? YIKES! What is the French word for clueless? blonde écervelée? Oh but you like me anyway. Merci beaucoup.

Good thing I was already eating chocolate with my morning coffee, or I'd have been licking that screen, and burning my tongue on that hot crepe!

I ♥ caramel.....

loven' traveling with you!

I love "The Boxer" playing in the background. The dog bark was sweet. I could hear a Frenchness to his yelp... What artistry in that crepe. I could smell the caramel...

Just beautiful!! Thanks for taking me to Paree'............<3

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful.
I am going to the UK and to Paris in June of this year for the first time. I hope to read
more of your posts.

We are having a great trip aren't we. I'm glad you weren't ashamed of me when I had that 2nd crepe.

oh yum - I love being able to travel and eat vicariously thru you!

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