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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Just watched this, and I am smiling from ear to ear! It's absolutely enchanting. I can't come up with enough good words to do it justice. :)

You are walking way to fast in this leisurely tour! LOL Love the video and the music!

The b&w video was the best! Felt like I was watching a vintage French movie. Wish I could twitch my nose and voila! be in Paris right now.


Thank you for carrying us along in your pocket! I hope we aren't too heavy! It is so much fun to read your posts and your video was beautifully done.

This is amazing! I went to Paris when I was 18 but was too young and dumb to appreciate more than getting to drink wine with dinner. I love traveling with you! It was a long ago (3 years? 4?) trip to Mexico that I took with you that sealed my heart to yours forever! When I grow up, I want to be like you.

Lovely - reminds me of our trip to Paris last year (in september), thinking of you (in New Zealand), and can't wait for your next post! Lovely wee video :-)
Merci beaucoup!

About the umbrella - please forgive my manners!!! I don't know what came over me...after all, I have a perfectly good black umbrella with a sunny sky painted on the underside. No ruffles....drat! I watched your film and it was fun but I believe you are wearing MY SHOES! Oh well, what the heck; it's Paris! Be my guest!

Oh, I love Paris and this made me miss it even more. I loved your little cameo appearance. And the crepe vendor! Ah, I love it! Have a great rest of your trip and please keep sharing the beauty of the world with us!!!

Wonderful video, great pics. i can see that you are already having an amazing time. can't wait to see where you take us tomorrow.

You continue to make me smile! And you continue to inspire me. You are an original. Thanks for taking all of us with you on your journey! I haven't been to Paris since 2004 but hope to go back before too long! LOVE the video.

I am loving my Parisian vacation! What was the name of that restaurant on Ille St. Louis, I can't remember??? I want to go back in June. Of course you knew exactly where to take me on the first day...THE FLEA MARKET!! Thanks for being an excellent travel companion.

I love your sharing your travels with us. The video was just like being with you. Thanks.

What a joy you are to share your life and travels in Paris! You bring such happiness and a little peace of what simple things can bring to one's soul with your video. Enjoy your time there and know we are enjoying your time there with you.

This is so lovely. I am so happy that I am there with you, and having such a good time it seems!

I am the luckiest and happiest gal in the world to be spending this time at Moss Cottage as your cat nanny and traveling the same time with you via your blogs to the great city of Paris! Your video is simply world-class and should be on TV! Once again, you are inspiring me to get out the tapes I made of my visit there (ack! was it that long ago?) and get them edited and on DVD.

You are such a doll to feed me!!! That cheese looked wonderful but the salami and the bread- oh MY!! I could have watched the chef making crepes on the side walk for hours!! Your video was fabulous Thank you for sharing springtime in Paris with us!!!

Vous avez rempli ma journée de bonheur, de joie et de la jalousie!

I loved the video and the music. The whole feel of it was perfect...if I remember correctly. But, then, Paris is Paris is Paris, eh? Don't let me eat too much fromage....lactose intolerance and all.....but my, it certainly tasted as good as it looked. We are having fun, aren't we?

Are we going to go to Mass at Sacre Coeur?

oh my were having so much fun, loved the video and the flea markets. Oh what fun, thanks for sharing our trip.

Thank you for brightening my "cool, wet, dreary day" with the beauty of France!!! Looking forward to more posts! Perhaps one day I will get there too!!

Mercci beaucoup for the lovely video--here in CT we just have little nubs of daffodills poking up through the snow remains...I see Paris daffs are abloom--what a great city--someday I will go aussi....a bientot Julierose

How wonderful of you to share your trip with us!!! The pic of the pooch with the postcards is adorable but the food... ahhhh... the food! What more can be said???
Have a GREAT time, Emie

Just like being in the film Amélie!

You're in PARIS!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!! I'll be there in May. First time in Europe. I can't wait. I am loving that you are there now and I can get this awesome preview and see you journal it. Beautiful pictures, amazing video (love the music). Can't wait to see tomorrow's post.

Thank you so much for taking us along! I am transported for the moment back to my very favorite city in the world.

Such a cute video! I am so glad to see the spring flowers are out! I am even more excited now. I have to check out that flea market when I come, thanks for showing us!

loved the video! can't wait for your next adventure. and I can't believe you haven't visited the old iron lady yet. give her a wave for me. :)

Moss Cottage, while we were at the flea market I think I left a shopping bag you know the one with all the shabby chic items but did not relize until we came back and was so tired forgot all about it.:)Oh Mary Ann how wonderful thank you so for leitting us in on your day its wonderful!!!! Lets see where do we go for dinner is the efle tower near us?you must be walking 2ft off the ground:) HAVE A WONDERFUL Day!!!!

thanks for taking us along for the ride. love it.

Loved your B&W video. Perfect!

delightful. thanks for sharing Paris in springtime ;~)

Wow...loved the video. I can't believe you are able to blog and upload videos while you are there...I was exhausted whenever I returned to our apartment. Merci!

Practical question: (my standard) what are your shoes this time?

You really have a gift for sharing your adventures! I feel as if I were in Paris too! Loved the video and all the wonderful photos.

Thanks Mary Ann, for taking us on a walk around Gay Paree! Loved the umbrella, the food and oh, how I
salivated watching the crepe maker!!!
Have fun and waiting at your door for our daily sight-seeing tour with you!

How beautiful and dreamy to follow you around.

lovely, i want some of that cheese and i want to ride the carousel. and please tell me you went through those boxes of postcards and are bringing some home for us, hee hee. relax tonight and journal. we have a lot to see and do tomorrow, LOL.

That video is pure art!!!! Magnifique!
So enjoyed the day with you. Spring is so advanced in Paris, no green leaves here yet.
Can't wait to see where you take me tomorrow...I mean, today...

I hope you bought some of the postcards that the dog was guarding--I could feel my hands just itching to get into those boxes. It's always such fun to travel with you, thanks for including us all. And have a wonderful rest of your trip, can't wait to see the journal.

Oooh. My mom and I went to les puces...we got turned around coming up from the tube and i had to use my high school french and ask a waiter...Ou est les puces? ;o) He smiled and pointed us in the right direction.

BEST DAY EVER! loved the fleas.

Your video was splendid! I love the black and white, and old age look. The last time I was in Paris was the only time in 1996. I too did a video, the most embarrassing part was filming the beautiful stained glass in the Chartes cathedral in black and white, by accident, everything else was in color. My husband got a good laugh over that one. But I have to blame my good friend who I traveled with for the spooky mistake, she lit a candle at the cathedral without paying for it in retaliation for her Catholic upbringing. Cursed, I say, my film was cursed. Love your travelogue, keep posting, and get some pics of the Luxembourg Gardens where they sail the model boats, and don't forget to eat lots and lots of baguettes et fromage...yummmmm.

I'm jealous.

Thank you for taking me along too! So happy you are having a glorious time!!

Such a sweet and delightful way to spend the day. The VID is awesome. I felt completely transported, hanging just a wee step behind you as you lead the way. You find the most devine places, I can't wait to see where we go next.

I love that you did the video in black and white and speeded up - it looked like a film from the 40s. Of course, then, there you were and YOU weren't in Paris in the 40s. Come to think of it, Paris did not look like this in the 40s, alas. I am surprised I did not see my sisters in your video. You never know, you may run into Chris and Lisa. Chris would recognize you - she took your Remains of the Day class and follows your blog. Have a lovely trip.

Mary Ann this is all so fun and exciting - and I haven't even watched the video yet. I need a new umbrella too...

I had such a lovely day. Wasn't it funny you almost got sprayed! I laughed when I saw the look on your face. I am so glad you have taken over the photography part of our trip, I am to busy holding this cute umbrella over the both of us. Ruffles rule. You are doing a splendid job being my guide! I think I shall hire you next trip you take too!

Umm. Do you have anything for my tummy? I ate a lot of cheese today.


I am having the best time ever travelling with you in Paris. Love love love the video you captured today..simply perfect! The cheese, the carouselle, those to die for chairs, the busy streets.... what a delightful day. Can't wait to see where you take me tomorrow. xxox Deb

I'm so loving "our" trip to Paris! Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. Bon Nuit.....

I sit here with a smile on my face. Thanks!

Love seeing your days in Paris! And the video -- shades of Amelie... loved it with that music! You are having so much fun -- makes me want to return to Paris! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

Oh, a purple umbrella with a ruffle. I have such good taste. Thanks for sharing you adventures.

How wonderful to see Paris through your eyes. We haven't been since March of 2009 and miss it so much. We'll be back there soon, and it's fun to see what the weather is like. We're packing right now. We stay right near BHV and l'Hotel de Ville. Love the video, the music, your feet walking so quickly. Thanks for sharing. Go to Le Trumilou for dinner. It's west of Hotel de Ville along the Seine before the Louis Philipe. Seriously, it's so good & they speak English, but it's not touristy.

You make my heart sing. If I can't be in Paris at the moment, the next best thing is being there through your eyes. The video is wonderful! Bravo! Will be eagerly awaiting each new day. MERCI BIEN!

You spoil us with such a fabulous little video. merci beaucoup.

I am having so much fun in Paris! lol. Loved the video.

j'aime bien etre en vacance avec toi. Merci pour les fromages doubles, et le video splendid, et tous les belles pics. J'espere bien que Dimanche a Paris en Printemps sera marveilleux aussi.
Beezoo. xxx

Looks so beautiful! I really enjoyed the little video!!!! Thanks so much for sharing it here. Have a blast, Mary Ann!

Great video! And great carrousel! :)

oh my gosh, i love the video! i feel just like i am there and its springtime too! flowers and leaves on the tress- oooh lala!!! everything looks so delicious! is your sister with you? thank you so much for sharing!!!!

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