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Friday, March 25, 2011


What a gift you are! I cannot imagine what would happen if two guys started playing accordians on the metrolink in LA!

thank you so much for taking us on this trip with you! Your photos and videos, as always, are intensely alive. I don't know what I've been waiting for. Why haven't I been to Paris since I was 4 years old. If I don't go now that I am living in Italy, then when will I go. Must start studying French right now, well, maybe tomorrow.

How lovely to have a soundtrack or should I say, background music for your trip!
The acoustics are so great in metros, subways and Covent Garden.
Thanks for sharing with us.

my pleasure shirley, its a flip hd. inexpensive, nothing fancy. super easy to operate. idiot proof as it were. and. um. i need that. ha ha ha

Oh I love your vacations. You take us to the most wonderful places. That's a great tip re the subway.

I am sure you've seen much more of Paris than many an ordinary tourist - wonderful images and thoughts. Particularly love the purchases at the flea market - think I'll have to put that on my list of places to go.

Thanks so much and can't wait for the next online class.


The ride may be over, but the memories and good fun will never end. You have shared SO much of your talent, insight, and good humor. Thank you so much for generously taking us along in your pocket. We've all spent such wonderful spring days in Paris. MERCI!!

Have so enjoyed your video here so very much. Got quite a taste /sound of Paris which makes my urge to go all the more intense. I doubt that I could enjoy your trip more than you do/did but it seems so ...to me ;)).
Anyway, enjoy your re-entry into your normal day life, your home, your cats, your plants, your students. And go away real soon again!
Be blessed,
PS. Can you share the name & model # of your video camera, please. Thank you.

Ah, mon amie, that went quickly, no? Thanks for all the marvelous posts. Safe journey home.

Thank you for taking me back to Paris with you on this trip. I've enjoyed the trip vicariously through you and now look forward to seeing your journal pages appear.

For me the highlight was your revelation of unexpected street art, of people, of homes rather than grand museums. Though I'm glad you got a peek of the Eiffel Tower too. Bon voyage, your cats will be glad to see you.

Thank you for showing me Paris! I have been following your Blog for a while and felt it was about time I comment. I find your work very inspirational.

An introvert who is eager and willing to share all the wonderful places, sounds and smells she uncovers? Priceless! Thank you for your wonderful travel blog of Paris. When we see your journal there will be more juicy tidbits to explore through a true introvert's eyes! Welcome home. For now.


my travel partner suzanne can readily convey, not unhappily i hope, that i am in fact a true introvert. ha ha ha

Have safe travels and welcome to Home, Sweet Home! I've so enjoyed this excursion
with you through your blog! Merci, Merci beaucoup!!!

This has been the best trip I have never been on. I will always remember it. There appears to be an abundance of accordions in Paris.

Loved all the street music! Enjoyable post. :)

even if I was stuffed in a pocket I enjoyed the sounds of Paris!! especially the backround voices on the trains....such a beautiful language. Be safe and enjoy the trip home. Take a good whiff when you
step thru your door....it is my favorite moment of any trip....home.
missy from the bayou

So glad I got to see Paris with you! Thank you so much for being such a gracious guide and showing me sooooo much! Loved every minute of it! well, except for that cheese induced tummy ache. But you even had a cure for that!

I can't wait to see what you do with all of your amazing pictures,ephemera and memories.

Welcome Back to kitty love

I just realized that my comment may sound a little creepy. What's implied is, Your Paris post swept me up in your experience and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Paris vicariously through you.

I've been enjoying your trip along side you but you just haven't seen me. I really enjoy your writing and humor. I wouldn't take you for an introvert at all. Thank you. lorrie

Wish I could meet you next week while in Whittier. That would be a blast, but someday soon. Sorry your trip was so short! Please travel safe!

Safe travels my dear. It was a wonderful trip and we so enjoyed Paris and all it's splendor. Thank you for putting up with us! See you in LA...

Safe travels ladies!

Can't BELIEVE you have to leave so soon - you have to go back - for all of us! - Margaret

I am sooo sorry your 2 weeks in Paris have whizzed by so quickly. I hope Parisians know that Paris is a far more interesting place through your eyes via the best journal in the world! Safe travels.

We'll always have Paris! Merci beaucoup, ma amie and godspeed. I shall wait for MORE Paris from LA...Paris is a Moveable Feast!

I know you had a really good time...can't wait to see the pictures!

Safe travels

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