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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Lovely. What is the musical piece?

Oh, I love your videos it's the next best thing to being there and the music to boot! You look like you are enjoying your last few days, the moon picture is great.You must miss your kitty posse, it's nice to see the wildlife in your pictures. Take care and enjoy.
Thank you for sharing.


Merci for the lovely walk about Paris! Next time would you give me a wee bit more time to enjoy my cup of lusciousness? I have been busy trying to add bits and pieces of our...er...your journey to my sketchbook...perhaps we will have time to share them when we...ahem...you return.

Thank you, I had a wonderful time on the walk. :)

Beautiful ... I love Paris in the Springtime ...
Thank you for letting me come along on your lovely journey.

You certainly make me want to visit Paris. Thank you.

C'est magnifique! Until I get password access to the holodeck, this is the next best thing on a grey, rainy, cold, Northern California day. Thanks Mary Ann.

Adore and thoroughly enjoyed the walk with you. As always you combine the perfect balance of music, imagery and that creative flair you just have running in your veins. Awesome. And can I ask what the music is? Gotta get me some of that. You have no idea just how much sunshine your post brought to the grey, somber, MN spring day, where a chill wind is blowing the damp air hither and yon and it feels more like the onset of winter than spring. So glad I took this walk with you!!!!!!!

Beautiful, so creative! I leave tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is no surprise - that you can make a film so 'true' that we feel we're there with you (ha ha!).

I especially like the little section that seems like a tinted B&W photograph, the way they used to do that before the world went Technicolour/Kodak.

Good weather is forecast for Paris this week - you deserve it! xox

absolutely loved the show today . . . it immediately transports me to Paris, thanks to your generosity! I keep waiting for Leslie Caron, Greta Garbo, and Edith Piaf to make cameo appearances in your films. The black and white really sets the tone and the charm of the film. Be well, be good to you . . . and merci!

Brilliant! We are all having such a good time with you in Paris. I love that the little kitty understood that you needed a small caress. The music made this piece magic. A demain!

Wonderful video. It created dreams!

You're a natural for film. Something Chaplin-esque about this. Love your walking too - so determined! And this is a very cool Paris. So glad you invited me along. It's sweet just to stroll and take in whatever. And you always know when (and where!) to stop for a coffee. I'm having a wonderful time. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

very very cool (both the scenes and your film-making). Thanks for taking us with you Mary Ann.

The music, the b/w film and the filmmaker's eye really tells a story and pulls me in. Thanks. You could make a movie. Really well done, both videos.

okay, is Paul your "real" brother or?? Cuz he's kinda really cool. Would be awesome to have him as a brother. Thanks for the great home movie and the music!!! Me needed that. My mojo is all stopped up this weekend. Must be all the cheese we've been eating huh?

here kitty kitty..

I love your films. I smiled the whole time.

Thanx for another walking tour! Keep em coming!

Accordion music goes with black and white film like baths go with bubbles-nice job.

Sister...is there anything you can't do?

You should have been a film maker....seriously!

You must get your talent from Dad.

See you when you return home, bring my something small and cool!


This is so lovely. You have quite the eye. My original career was in TV and film so I really appreciate the mood you capture! Really very nice. AND I love the French cat. Oh my...everywhere I go the cats come out to greet me and I see you have that knack as well. How do they know?

The Amelie soundtrack is one of my all time favourite cds. Thanks for a delightful Parisian glimpse.
I'm sure that kitty spoke fluent French.

I haven't returned to Paris since '72 while living in Germany!!!
A dream is to visit it again one day with my daughter and granddaughter.
As for now...your blog is bringing me such JOY! Thank you!

Well, my friend, I can see that you are having a lovely time in Paris and seeing some beautiful places. I love neighborhoods and parks, too, and today's video is so special... quite noir but in a nice way.
Me-thinks that someone is missing her cat posse.
I can't express how very much I'm enjoying being in Paris with you. Thanks for packing so many of us into your suitcase.

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