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Monday, August 23, 2010


JJ - those black tabs came on a sheet of cardstock - they were like die-cut punch out tabs. mayyyyyyybe 7 gypsies...? someone gave them to me. ive had them for awhile

ohhh...i love this with the tabby thing-a-ma-gummies - where did those come from??? honestly though as much as i come for the beautiful journals i come for your posts too...they make me giggle as i follow your nonsense and dare i say, bit of sarcasm...love your blog...

Agree with everyone on the hair elastics.. if you want it to be attached to the journal, like I do, because otherwise I would lose it, punch 2 holes in the back of the journal, grommet them if you wish, cut the elastic, thread it through the holes and stitch the elastic back together.
Voila - attached elastic band.

Forgot to ask: What is your source for the lettered tabs in the journal? I've looked high and low for them in Las Vegas...no such animals.

Walgreen's Drug has these hair elastics in the section with the brushes, combs, bobby pins, barettes.

Bon voyage, Mary Ann! Have many wonderful adventures :)

Hey You
The journal is looking totally rockin' and your pink gift is AWESOME. I'd be smiling if that were greeting me early in the day!!!! You are going to have an awesome journey!!!!!

Mary Ann- If you get a coupon organizer from a bargain store they usually have this type of closure (elastic w/ barbed ends) and it is easy enough to remove.

Also sometimes Michaels has these types of organizers in their dollar bin section. Just check before you pruchase the organizer as some have elastic and ball ends--the barbs are so much nicer as they will lay flat within your book interiors.

Given the juicy size of your books, you would need at least an 8" size, so it would stretch. I may have some stray ones, will look.


the travel journal looks so inviting.....I can't wait to see and hear your impressions of Turkey. I lived there when I nine....quite an adventure.
Also nice to know of another 'Mad Men' fan!!
Missy from the bayou

Wow pretty and indestructable! Awesome!. The blooms are really looking nice

Re: elastic hair bands - Michael's has sets of lengths of the same material, sold in the beading cords area. I even found bright colors with sparkles as well a card of non-sparkly colors. There are about six colors of elastic cord per card, each several feet long.

Is that first blue page made from scrapbook paper, from the source you mentioned earlier for rather funky designs (don't remember it now though).

Mary Ann - I LOVE your journals and have been so inspired by them. Have just posted about my own Paris creation (for someone else - unfortunately I don't get to go) and have linked to your posts on travel journals as my original source. Thank you for your generous posting of your work.

Wow! Your journal is amazingly beautiful. I love reading your blog and seeing your lovely art. Take lots of photos on your trip please. Then I'll be able to live vicariously. :)

I have no clue about elastic for your journal. Just remember that I will be there and if you drop it in the water, I, the Goddess of Swimming, will be there to pluck it out and place it in your hands. You will have to provide the towel for drying. All will be well....it's a promise.
(Perhaps many of your readers would like to see that I am committed to someplace secure...a place where I will be medicated and rendered silent.) e.w. sends love.
p.s. seriously, that flower is just gorgeous...and your travel journal is worthy of such a wonderful, fantastic trip. It is beautiful.
Sending love to you and your sister, e.

Lovely, lovely journal!! I am on this trip with you in my imagination - like a little pebble in your pocket :-)) Have a fabulous time!!

The last batch of hydrangeas I purchased at home depot's garden department were wrapped with a decorative paper and a colored elastic band at the top. Just a thought...

Google didn't come up with any elastic loop closures per se but if you are after some cool elastic I find a huge selection downtown at Micheal Levine's notions department. What color you wants?

Hi Mary Ann, the elastic closures from 7gypsies might be what you are looking for. You can get different lengths. Here's an example: http://www.starlitstudio.net/7g4blelco.html
I just did a quick Google as I'm holding a sleeping baby. Hope this helps. Your journal looks fab as always.

Ditto Sally's comment, except I found mine at Target (my home away from home)....The thin black headbands fit perfectly around my journal and the extras make handy slingshots for scaring off predators (both real and imaginary)

Check out the selection of hair accessories at your local dollar store. I've used the longer elastic thingies that go around your head to keep journals closed : )

I'm kind of like a blind person who has regained their sight...


You can probably melt the ends of this together to make it your desired length..

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