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Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Saw this via Scrapscene, and I have to say I am certainly impressed by the artistic talent of these 2nd graders! Our future looks bright for sure when it comes to artists!

These are totally awesome! I love that fish. You can see that the kids art with censure, they just go for it. What a lesson.

Moss Cottage, These are so wonderful the one with the icecream is my kind of jounal page.:) All are so speical its so good to see there pages.Don't Gadzooks to much but I've read that sitting with acup of tea on a warm spring night really helps alot,
Much of every thing there is hugs kisses ect,

you're kids are amazing. their books spew forth life, creativity, joy and talent. what a treasure! i'm thankful there are teachers in this world that keep inspiring youth like this. WONDERFUL!

pure treasure!! you are an artist/teacher that touches hearts and changes lives, i'm inspired, always when i come here.

So rich! I love the way they see and make. There's much to learn from them isn't there.

I've been reading Matilda to my 7 year old. I'm pretty sure I'm enjoying it more than he is. Thanks for the recommendation!

What a joy to see the imaginations and artwork of children. These journals are such great expressions and will be wonderful memories as they grow up and actually accomplish their dreams. i.e. Visit Paris, France! You really have a talent for teaching and these kids are super lucky to be part of this experience.

So great! This is such a cool project for kids. I want to go to Ice Cream Land, too!

So amazing works! Compliments to you and to them.

Wow, those are amazing!

pure joy!!

So amazing! i love it when you share these!

Nothing beats 2nd graders carefree journal pages. They remind us what we have forgotten. They teach us freedom of hand and spirit. These are so wonderful, not shy, bold and honest celebrations of young lives. What an inspiring project you have done with the kids.

thank you for these two days of joy--it reminded me that eons ago a friend taught little ones, had them crafting little books of their own poems.i'm sure that the author of the one poem i remember wouldn't mind my sharing (he must be about 50 by now!): "in spring/frogs burp/ birds churp/ thats how you no its spring." as good as ee cummings!

Holy Smokes!!!!!! Knock me over with a feather. These are amazing journals. I peeky peeked at the other set and was blown away by those too. You are planting great seeds in your craft monkeys that will continue to bloom long into their lives. Hope you are having a happy, sun shine filled day.

WOW! These kids are doing some really great journals! You're helping to create a whole bunch of fantastic new mixed media artists!

can I come along on that boat to Ice Cream Land. I would like to live there! :D

hashi - I teach at an elementary school in LAUSD. I prefer to keep private the name/location.

A delightful way to start the morning, viewing these kidlets' artwork. I love the little gal who is an artist, and wants to visit Paris France! Creative freedom at its best, all of them. Wow! I rave on!

these are totally, totally awesome! What school are you teaching at?

These are priceless Mary Ann - those kids are so lucky to have you (and you're lucky to have them too)

Wow - these kids are so talented! I wanna come and play in your class!

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