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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yes! I signed up! (paypal: Ofir A)
Really looking forward to this class!!

It's Friday evening here in France and I'm imagining you getting ready, or on the way, or AT your LC concert. Having a WONDERFUL TIME I hope. No doubt we'll be hearing about it.

Since my 'studio' is the size of a cupboard, with a sloping ceiling to boot, I'm thrilled to hear about the new class.

Good Morning to our favorite Muchacha............I NEEDED MY FIX FROM DISPATCH FROM LA

Oh, this makes my mouth water! All of those scraps I have been saving are begging to live in a place as beautiful as that! You are such a paper hero Mary Ann. ;)

Ooooo, the McCabe and Mrs. Miller soundtrack is amazing!

Looks like mondo fun!! Sign me up

OMG! You lucky duck! Oh. that Leonard Cohen, his music has been part of my daily life since discovering him so many years ago. A single day does not go by without some LC in this household. Oh, I wonder if Perla Batalla will guest with him..her voice doing his songs brings me to my knees. She performs in L.A. Mary Ann..have you ever gone to see her? Note to Elizabeth...my other love is Van( with whom I share the same birthday date)and I have seen him live in concert, but not Leonard.

No matter the name of the class...a rose by any other name, etc.

a class that wont require spray cans and outdoor space??? i'm in!!!

Hmmm can't wait to sign up... btw I would bet on you in that fight... I'm just sayin'....

Reading Elizabeth's comments make me feel OLD. I first "found" LC in 1971 (b4 she was born) watching McCabe and Mrs Miller... you are lucky to go see him. As for the journal... it is FABULOUS. Can not wait to sign up!

You are sooooo very lucky! I love his song Hallelujah, sung by him, or by KD Lang, or by kurt Nilsen, or by Jeff Buckley... all on youtube!

I like the new title even better that the first one - jumping up and down, can't wait to see more...

Whatever the name, I'm anxiously waiting.

Mary Ann, I saw Leonard Cohen in concert in Asheville, NC a week ago, and it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. You'll love it!

witty witty girl! clever clever name

P.S. I'm also very jealous, have never seen LC live, or Van Morrison, my other love!

I just knew you were a LC fan!!!! You had to be, you are too lyrical not to be. I must share with you my Leonard discovery moment. I'm 22 (1975), just broken up with my first real love. I'm in a horrible angst and major purple funk depression. "Life is never going to be the same, I will never find another....etc, ad infinitum!" Right? This glorious person befriended me around that time and we used to regularly sit in his living room, imbibing of the fruit or the plant..ahem and he had this amazing record collection and a great twisted pessimistic optimism. So we would revel in our youthful angst and rale against the inhumanity of man, on and on. One night, I do believe the world shifted on its axis, he puts a scratchy, well loved, oft played Leonard Cohen vinyl on the 33 and a 1/3. I was done for, DONE FOR!!

As an aside, LC is always better listened to with scratches...I'm just sayin'.

Have a great time!!!

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