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Monday, March 30, 2009


There is also a product called Memories Mists I believe-made by the people who make Memories Ink Pads-I picked up a silver one for the heck of it since this kind of stuff is hard to find-WHOA NELLY-this stuff rocks!! I have tried A LOT of spray inks and this is my favorite now! Talk about SPARKLE! I need to try the non-sparkle colors now-I am impressed!

I have been experimenting with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists and Maya Road Maya Mists... oh they are addictive!!! I also love Tim Holtz Distress ReInkers(and or Adirandack Alcohol Ink reinkers) mixed with water and Perfect Pearls delicious! Give it a whurl! Is it April 10th yet?

I had been here yesterday, taking a whole load of joy and inspiration from several of your posts (I hope I managed to avoid leaving telltale traces! *g*).
Today, I read your profile information. *giggle*
Great entertainment. I have a getaway car too.
Only trouble is I have no idea where to go should the need arise. ;-)

In our house, our son is the spray master.
They only hands-on spraying I do is when I treat my boots to a round of new black. *sigh*

Many thanks for this list and for the time you put into creating this post!

miss moss you are ever so wonderful...

xox - eb.

Thanks for these, I am beginning to worry since we have had gale force winds (just who exactly is a gale anyway? and why won't she leave NM alone?) for days and days and I am despairing of ever being able to spray anything outside that I don't want to end up in AZ! I have had several "helpful" suggestions of how to set up a booth of sorts to spray outside. Just how good is that mask thingy I bought? I guess we'll find out...smooches

hahaha...my credit card is ticking, too! I did order some henna stencils already. I am going to try the spray inks and regular paint. The pan pastel idea is tempting.

I'm cited ;)

Thanks MAM!

thank you! I love reviews and comparisons of supplies. it makes life so much easier and just sort of helps to take the mystery out of things (in a good way)! i'll be signing up for your class tomorrow- btw!

I may have to use an alternative....not due to cold weather but we have so much wind that trying to spray paint outside could be a challenge!

I see you have plunged in, index finger first into your spring break. It bodes well for us in etherland. Don't forget to include Blo-Pens (makes you cheeks hurt after a while but they work very well for lazy sprayers like me). I'll bet "Pan Pastels" applied with a make up foam work too - I just haven't acquired any yet (is that the sound of a ticking credit card I hear?...)

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