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Sunday, October 26, 2008


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What a mind you have! Even before you begin to load it, the journal invites you in. Is it all one signature? How many pages did it end up? Did you mount the scraps on a bigger sheet in order to stitch them?

This is just beyond cool! I love it!

Dig. You are a posting mad woman this weekend.. How come sewing machine makers don't anticipate we want to feed everything except fabric through there? Sheesh.

This is yummy for the tummy. I love all this life and texture and cushyness. Also like the photos of you working away.

In its own ramshackle way, it's beautiful!

YES! This is so cool...and something I've been thinking about doing lately...I found myself nodding along as I read how you put it together...EXACTLY what I want to do! Thanks for inspiring!

I think I recognise the handwriting on the envelope you recycled into the cover! The lady on the stamps looks familiar too....

I've made "Junk Journals" myself and really love how all the oddments give them instant character - have fun!

Coming up for air...enjoying it between your kooky covers here!

Happy HAPPY to mamma Moss!

love it. you are super duper creative


You are a tornado of creativity.

Happy belated birthday to your mom.

Loved the postcards while they lasted....The book is wonderful!

the book is so inspiring- I would probably spill my TAPICOA on it. Geezzz rice pudding... I guess we can still be friends. That is- just as soon as go fork over some apple pie.

Great cover and really craetive use of scraps. Everything looks better in book form.

Love it, it turned out great. :D

oh man! - I am in LOVE - IN LOVE LOVE LOVE - did you hear me? - I AM IN LOVE!

xox - eb.

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